poor poor kittens

okay this time i can’t blame anyone but myself. the kittens have been killed in record numbers because i 1) have my house all to myself and 2) i really miss my Roaming Soldier. i started rereading the cookie peddler stories and i know remember why He really liked the third story lol. that one made my toes curl last night and this morning and probably will again tonight. i have no idea why i was enjoying the damn cookies and cutlery so much right then but i’ll be damned if it probably doesn’t need to be re-rated because i rarely react to my stories, i think because i write them to vent and then can let things go i guess. this story is going to get me in trouble over and over again. but i must say i’m sure i’ll enjoy it. i just want to see my Daddy right now. if i could see both of them that would be great but i’ll settle for the one that wouldn’t violate the natural order of life in order to see me. i did hear from Him on Sunday which i think reset off the whole kitten killing spree. He was doing well and was worried about me and the Littlest Soldier (who by the way is doing much better, no destroyed cakes and no hidden keys as of the last few weeks). this separation isn’t fun for us, any of us, but i’m sure we’ll make it through okay and we’ll be stronger than we know. might be a little pissed at people who downplay what this time apart really means but other than that we’ll be one of those retardedly functional families that people don’t understand how they came to exist. oh provided i can find a smallish house behind mine to stick my mother in lol. speaking of which i was tired as hell after driving mommy to Tulsa so i didn’t sacrifice nearly as many kittens as was required that night. in fact none died after i hit the highway but i have another 12 days to work it all out for myself.

okay enough bantering, i may post something else tonight or i may just vegetate and watch tv. be good.


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  1. Long time I didn’t read you… too busy with my little (enormous!!!) miseries… but I’m glad to find you as happy as I remember…;-)
    Jo… aka…

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