okay really, where is my rain

save a few spotty moments when i’m tucked firmly in my office the rain has been sparse this summer. i am feeling awfully neglected by the big rain clouds. bastards keep floating all over the state and skipping over my little hovel. oh well c’est la vie.

i am a little bored. i’ll be cleaning my bedroom this weekend and potentially unpacking some lovely candle holders i picked up from illuminations during their last sale. you know me a sucker for sales when it’s stuff that i like. i don’t sale shop just because i can. i lack the shopping gene. my mother must have absorbed it while i was in the womb because she can shop CONSTANTLY. i’m not that keen on it now nor have i ever been all that interested in seeing who can win the mall stamina contest. i literally park my car closest to the spot that i want to go into and then rush to all the stores that are within a certain space and then rush back to my car and go home. i just hate shopping seriously lol. this has nothing to do with anything really. i’m just rambling.

i heard from Roaming Soldier on sunday like i mentioned but i missed Him on wednesday because yahoo went into yahell mode and booted me when He was looking for me. it gave me something else to ramble on to Him about in the last letter i finished but really i’d rather have been able to talk to Him than bitch about yahoo. i miss Him but i’m not in the mood to ramble on incessantly about that because it could get incredibly whiny and yeah i so don’t get being whiny either. kittens are dying all over the place but not as many as you would expect since mommy isn’t here for me to be worried about overhearing. and really i don’t think i care about that so much. might as well get her brain ready to hurt when He gets home and we go about molesting one another. of course we’d not just be screaming banshees (is that spelled right lol) but if you don’t stand near the bedroom door then you won’t be horribly scarred. ahh well. let me go find some food. i just wanted you all to know that i was still alive. missing my Dom and wondering what the next few months have in store for us.

be good and i’ll be back later i’m sure

4 thoughts on “okay really, where is my rain”

  1. I have to agree with hating shopping at the mall…

    Personally I can’t stand it.

    James St. Northbridge & Barrack St, Perth CBD however are different. I can spend literately an entire day & night (and have before) shopping along those two strips, going in and out of every single door. Why? Sex stores galore! And strip clubs to have a relaxing drink at between sprees.

    I usually walk away $300 – $500 poorer but happy. (I know the amount sounds exhoborant but keep in mind that I only get down to Perth every few months and that there is no sex store up here.)


    PS: and that $300 – $500 is AFTER Himself’s staff discount (he works for an adult store retailer).

  2. I am not much of a shopper for retail goods myself.

    I just wanted to pop by and say howdy.

    Hoping things were going well with you and after browsing your blog I conclude they are.

    I am still beyond hectic.

    Wish you the best friend.

    – Enigma

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