anticipation (the denouement)

i figured i do everyone a favor and make two different posts this time. this is inspired by my Roaming Soldier who was able to make me smile and blush twice this week. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES KEEP READING IF YOU ARE ADVERSE TO BRAIN MELTING.

her hair was a mess. there were tears streaming down her face but she was as calm as she had ever been. she knew she fucked up and she completely deserved what He was doing to her right now. she hadn’t just forgotten to do what He asked which He would sometimes let slide but she had willfully disobeyed Him not once but twice by refusing to take care of herself when she got sick and missing her gym time. she was being a brat and wanted some attention but she got way more than she had bargained for. normally He would just lay her across His lap and spank her until He was sure she’d be sitting gently for the next week or so. and He had waited until she got better to punish her so she was truly thinking she had gotten away with being a problem child again. however she was wrong.

He took her upstairs as soon as He was sure the kids were asleep. He told her to lay face down on the bed and she started moving toward the head of it. He stopped her and told her to lay across the bed. she was confused but quickly complied. He brought out the extra long set of bindings and cuffs and walked to her head. “Daddy has asked you numerous times to take care of yourself and seem to like defying Me,” He said as He took her right arm secured it in the cuff and pulled it tight as He connected the binding to the headboard. He kept talking as He cuffed her left arm and tied it to the footboard, “Daddy is tired of you not doing what you are supposed to. The kids need you healthy but more importantly, I need you healthy and you will do what I say or face the consequences.”

it had been a long time since He had punished her but she hadn’t forgotten and was noticeably starting to get worried. she was about to start apologizing when He stopped her. “Don’t say a word honey. you can’t apologize your way out of this one. No dress up nice and sit in Daddy’s lap trying to sell Him cookies while you grind on His dick. you will behave when I ask and that’s all there is to it.” she was silent again and winced slightly as He repeated the procedure on her legs that He had done with His arms. she was stretched so tightly that it felt like she was nearly suspended above the bed. His hands ran over her backside a few times and then parted her pussy and dove inside until she was wet and panting. He went to the counter and grabbed one of the baby wipes and cleaned His hands. He grabbed her least favorite crop and returned to the bed. “Do not scream or cry out. This will likely hurt you much more than it will hurt Me. Don’t disappoint Me again.” And with that the crop fell over her legs, back, arms and ass in succession.

Five swats here, eight swats there, three quick strikes, then a long moment in which she lost count on how many times He had spanked her ass. it was on fire and she wanted to scream but she knew it would only get worse if she did. just when she thought she couldn’t take anymore He stopped but it was a quick reprieve. He had brought a slapper over to the bed with the crop. He was only pausing to pick it up and insert Himself inside her. it was at that moment it occurred to her why she was tied this way. He was going to punish and fuck her until He got bored or until she passed out. and she wasn’t sure He’d stop if she passed out. He fucked her hard, her ass was shaking from the force of it and between His hand and the slapper it was receiving more attention and the burning just got worse. the sensations were blurring together in her brain and she was starting to float when He snapped her out of it by yanking her neck back by her hair, shoving His hand into the small of her back to brace Himself and then came in her in a flood. He stood up and moved the slapper back to the counter along with the crop. He grabbed the clit sucker and affixed it to her. He walked back to the toys, picked up the whip and then found the remote for the device. “you are not allowed to cum until I am done. Don’t ask because I won’t say yes.” soon after that the flogging began. the stinging of each piece of leather was nothing compared to the slow methodical sucking on her clit. she was ready to float off again when He was suddenly at her face force feeding her the bottle she loved so much and striking her exposed pussy with the flogger. “Umm good girl, keep sucking Daddy just like that and I might nut quickly so that You can join me.” she sucked harder and with more energy. her body couldn’t hold out much longer and she knew it would be the longest evening ever if she came without His permission. she felt the vein pulse underneath His dick and smiled a bit. He saw her and whipped her harder as He spurted His nut down her throat. she swallowed it all like she normally did and then He just stood there. she couldn’t ask for permssion to come and He wasn’t going to give it to her yet.

He felt her start to panic a bit as the clit sucker intensified. she would be squirming if she had control of her limbs and He knew that. the flogger was unleashed on her backside and thighs again and she was crying again. she was still milking Him in her throat and was trying to separate from the need to orgasm. she was slick with anticipation as He moved from her mouth, grabbed Him from the counter and shoved it inside of her. “Does My baby girl want to cum now?”

“yes please Daddy.”

“Will you be a good girl from now on?”

“yes Daddy.”

“Cum for Daddy baby,” He almost cooed to her. her body constricted and He watched intently as her pussy convulsed around His replica. as soon as she was done and exhausted He began speaking to her again. “Daddy won’t spank you anymore tonight. The welts you are getting now will be more than satisfactory. But I’m not letting you go until I don’t feel like cumming anymore tonight. Do you understand?”

“yes Daddy.”

He adjusted her cuffs at various points in the evening to put her into new and slightly painful positions. she loved it and so did He. mostly He just fucked her until she was nearly unconscious. when He was ready for bed, He untied her for the night and took her to the shower. they washed off slowly and enjoyed the warm water. they got in bed just wrapped in towels and hugged one another tightly. “you know I hate punishing you so don’t make Me do that again.”

“yes Daddy.”

He started toying with the top of her towel and licking her nipples once they were free. “Umm a little birdie told me you had a dream about Daddy doing this a long time ago didn’t you.” she giggled and reached behind Him to stroke her bottle. they fell asleep after He had reinserted Himself deep inside her. it was a good way to end the night.

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