a quickie in a quick dream

okay yeah i know i just posted a few hours ago but truthfully i’m needing to post this to process something lol. UMM THIS IS THE ONLY WARNING I CAN GIVE YA, IF YOUR BRAIN IS PRONE TO MELTING STOP READING NOW!!! i got out of the shower, wrapped up in my towel and headed back to bed—standard procedure when i wake up earlier than i want to. i set my alarm for about thirty minutes later and went back to sleep. during that thirty minutes i dreamt i had a roommate (and not momma oh good lord thank YOU, i digress) who let in someone to the apartment and said she’s in there. now i remember thinking in the dream this can’t be RS as He’s not even on this continent but it had to be based on what happened later. so whomever this is comes into the bedroom and starts rubbing between my thighs. i start moaning a little and it feels like he’s starting to undress. did i mention i was in a towel in the dream too? anyway i was lol and i pulled it down a bit so he could get to my breasts. he leaned over me and started sucking on my nipples and i started moaning louder. he stopped then climbed on the other side of me in bed. he was much taller than me—not that that is a difficult thing to achieve by any means—and i felt myself being sorta dwarfed next to him. good feeling might i add but all of a sudden i was feeling something else. he placed his dick in my hand and started sucking on my neck and told me squeeze Daddy good. not that i wasn’t wet at that stage but it was an instant puddle. i stroked while he sucked and played with my nipples and before i knew it i was on my side, towel still hanging on for dear life, and being slow fucked from behind by my guest. it was delicious and entirely too realistic as i woke up feeling quite full lol. i don’t think either of us came in the dream but it was a nice mental fuck. okay back to work for me lol.

5 thoughts on “a quickie in a quick dream”

  1. Can thawtz & I get a discount if we get a group booking?

    Im sure we could sell tickets…

    Don’t you just luuurvvve those dreams!


  2. lol yep i love those dreams, He loved it too when i was able to talk to Him this afternoon so at least He fell asleep with something new and kinky on His brain, i’ll have to check the going rates with Him too, it might get crowded up in there

  3. Hiya hunny,

    Its so good to be back and to be able to sit here with my beer and chips and catch up on everybodys worlds since I’ve been away!

    Take care!

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