it’s wednesday, people work on wednesdays…

okay so it’s barely wednesday but i figured i should check in with everyone. i have been going through major rewrites with my dissertation with a few more chapters to go so i haven’t been blogging. i’ve been working late and then passing out after saying a nice long prayer. so now i’ve taken the night off and i’m relaxing a bit enjoying my new dvd player (the old one is just dead, keeps pausing in the middle of movies and jumping ahead for no apparent reason and cleaning it didn’t work). now i’m watching hoodwinked and giggling. i love animated movies. i’m falling asleep and laughing at my boy as we speak as well. what is a hero honey???

anyway things here are fine. just busy working and trying to get a better nights sleep on a regular basis. partially because being up is just dull now that i can’t harass Roaming Soldier on a nightly basis. and i keep getting stymied trying to write the next letter. not sure if it’s just because i’m tired or i’m afraid i’ll start crying again. either way it’s not done. i am happy though. apparently there is a letter headed this way which will assuredly make me smile when it gets here. i really just wanted to let everyone know things were okay. soon enough something nice and kinky will arrive on these pages again.

love ya

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