anticipation (the commencement)

okay so technically a commencement is the end of your academic career but it’s all the beginning of your new life and it’s listed as an antonym to denouement which i just felt like using so there . besides the other words that mean beginning are just so dry. nothing at all out there like denouement that came to my brain readily. so i should have blogged on wednesday but i was admittedly too excited. Roaming Soldier caught me after my lunch break and we were able to chat for about ninety minutes. not a huge span of time in the course of one’s life but after sporadic contact for the last month or so it was great to just be goofy with Him for a while. He’s getting acclimated to the situation, not that He has a choice of course, and is missing His girls as He affectionately refers to the Littlest Soldier and me as. fyi pray for Littlest Soldier and her family. ms. ma’am is having the mother of all missing her daddy fits and is starting to get into a bit of trouble behind it. she’ll be fine soon i’m sure but right now she wants her daddy and she wants Him yesterday. can’t say as though i blame her. if i had my druthers (yes another random word i wanted to use, not sure why) He’d be home with her and i’d be heading up for a long weekend with the two of them soon. He’d get to come to my dissertation defense and meet not mini me — must pause here. i can’t call her Dr. Evil as she’s really not evil but she can’t be mega me because that just doesn’t make sense. suffice it to say my advisor and i are so much alike they started calling me mini me before i left the program. neither of us are sure that it was an insult but we have taken it and run with it regardless — and the rest of my cohort and my adopted children (ok so i didn’t legally adopt them) who are scattered around the planet. we’d get to be act out some of these cookie peddling stories and start working on the small brood of children i keep imagining us having (someone please make sure i get my tubes tied after either the 1st set of triplets or quadruplets, the 2nd set of twins, or the 3rd pregnancy please as i’m figuring out i like kids a lot but i don’t want to have a lot of them in my house at one dang on time). and of course we’d be harassing Night Owl and Pillar as much as humanly possible but ESPECIALLY at their wedding for which i have a wonderful toast already prepared. i am all off tangent. basically i’m happy and things are good. i got an email from Him this morning and that made me put on paper the fantasy that had been in my brain since we talked and let me just say for the record i am so not digging getting punished no matter what i do because hell i don’t like getting in trouble but i can be a brat so it’s quite likely i will do many things that require the not fun spankings from RS. okay well there isn’t anything else on my mind and my office is boring so i’m going to go beat some old women in gin. damn i should have brought the movies to work again.

see ya

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  1. That was so light and infectious it made me smile all the way across the world. Your emotions shine through so clearly…



  2. why you gotta make a brutha break out the thesaurus and thangs? got me looking up words i ain’t passed by in yeeeeeeeaaaars. but for real, like rabbit said, its good to see that happiness of yours.

  3. hugs back atcha CS, hope things are good over that way and that you aren’t in danger of getting washed away anytime soon šŸ™‚

  4. reading inside the velvet rope is about growth thawtz ROFLMAO okay not so much but periodically i get in GRE words mode so i have to explode with things i normally wouldn’t

  5. You should check ouit some of the words on urbandictionary. Its kind of a slang dictionary that often times has words to fit a meaning we otherwise wouldn’t have without slang.

    Also I am glad to hear you are in such an upbeat mood and you got 90 min in :). You are right in the grander scheme of things, its not much time. But then again, in the grander scheme of things, most memories didn’t take long to make. Its the hours and min. in between that seem to stand still that makes up most of our lives.

    Kids are great if you can keep them to 4 or less in one household (especially if they are in the same age range). Sorry I havn’t gotten a chance to read lately. I try to make it here daily but its not always so easy.

    Be well.

  6. maybe i’ll check it out Master ABD

    and we are definitely trying to keep the kids under 4 but He is a twin and twins run in my family plus His brother had triplets, if i can work out a boy/girl twin arrangement i’m sooooo done

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