omens, portends and other meanderings

okay so i tend to take my titles from random things going on in the world. today, as most of you should know is june 6, 2006 or 6/6/06 as the nice producers of The Omen would have you remember so you can go see their remake of the 1976 classic. an ominous day if only because it is the only time this century that you could feasibly market as 666 if you wanted to for well releasing horror films and exploiting your town’s name like Hell, Michigan is doing today. what, i know you are asking, does that have to do with little ms. velvet? actually nothing but i do like to explain myself from time to time.

the omens i’m going to talk about are anything but devilish. they are about dreams. those things that sometimes give us insight to our pysches and spur us on to further thought when we were awake. maybe a month ago i had a strange dream to me. i was preparing for a small wedding to Roaming Soldier and had moved to be closer to Him before the big day. i was out with my girls and having a blast before i realized i was being followed and watched by a stranger, a woman. she had been there most of the day i believe but it took me a while to notice her, i can be obtuse sometimes. well when i went over to talk to her i was called back by those girlfriends and the woman vanished. the same thing happened repeatedly that day culminating with me going home and seeing her at my apartment. i ran after her and thought i caught her on the elevator only to see a mannequin that resembled her in the space. i went to my apartment and checked it for my guest and when she wasn’t there i opened my wedding invitations and noticed they were entirely too frilly to be anything i willingly purchased and had the wrong date printed on them even though the names and what not were all correct. the date was September 17th of next year–of course under the circumstances that seems highly unlikely to be the case right now. but even if it was feasible there are a few problems with it. 1) i have no desire to get married in september, 2) it’s one of my best friends in the entire world’s birthday and 3) it’s the birthday of RS’s now dead wife–who after quizzing Night Owl resembles the woman in my dream. now it makes total sense that if possible that she would want to see me and know the person getting close to her husband and her child but it freaked both of us (RS and i) out for a while. we fast forward to about a week ago when RS had an equally strange dream in which our desire to be together was being judged by masked judges who were grilling us for a while. we apparently answered the last questions right and then they said they had heard enough. our judges revealed themselves—my mother, His mother, Littlest Soldier and her mother along with Night Owl. the verdict wasn’t issued during the dream but it left us with something else to ponder.

which brings us to today. last night i was watching a program on A&E when i clearly should have been sleeping. a man was released after four years of being in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. he had lost his home, his relationship with his son, his good name and had had a stroke while he was locked up. and upon hearing the case was being dismissed with prejudice (for you non legal type folks that means the case cannot be brought against him again) i literally stared crying almost to the point that i was sobbing. why you may ask? because weird dreams aside, stupid war be damned, i realized that i am stupidly in love (not stupid in the sense of damn why she do that but in that damn that girl is gone) with a wonderful man. after years of trying to make all the puzzle pieces fit together, something just clicked with Him. He wasn’t perfectly adorable but lacking the tone in His voice that made me tremble a little. He wasn’t flat out scary and intimidating with no ability to open Himself up to me, and beyond ability no desire to do so either. He reminded me of all the reasons why when i was growing up i loved my father so dearly without that nasty trait of being a hoe (ok really i did love my dad but that man had no concept of fidelity). and this will either sound silly or convince you i have lost it lol. when He asked about my feelings toward kids, namely His own child, it was the sweetest thing ever and was a bit of a perk to dating Him. after my parents split up, and i know this is crazy, i was always quite aware that i would most likely be someone’s stepmother. given the statistics on marriage and the number of men that i’m attracted to without kids (it’s miniscule really and they have been just absolutely wonderful in my brain with some extremely desirable trait) there was a better than 50-50 shot i would be someone’s stepmother. the fact that He seemed to be raising a little me was just icing on the proverbial cake. i don’t know how else to explain it other than i felt very lucky last night/this morning to have Him in my life. and as the dreamy guests we have from time to time have never thrown a fit or demanded that we split up i’m taking that as a sign that this is the right thing to do for both of us. our judges want us to be happy, we want them to be happy and come hell or high water i will do my best to make that happen. okay well i have rambled on enough. if you go see the movie today try not to laugh or nothing. i can’t imagine how scary the remake could be when it’s been so long since the original captured our attention.

peace and love,

ADDENDUM—i didn’t post yesterday because i was lazy lol but it was Daddy’s birthday yesterday, tomorrow is Roaming Soldier’s birthday and the first unofficial BDSM holiday that i know of was yesterday too. Roaming Soldier and His twin decided that June 5th will forever be known as Slap a PseudoDom/me Day, those folks that have no real idea of what being a Dom/me is and what they do know about BDSM is wrong.

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  1. So basically on the 5th from now on I can slap the vast majority of Dom/mes I meet online YaY.

    By the way I have been trying to comment for HOURS. Stupid blogger has been down.

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