i guess you wonder where i’ve been…

i searched to find a love within, i came back to let you know, got a thing for you and i can’t let go…..

yeah so i’m stuck on the song, speaking of i know there are about a dozen versions of what you won’t do for love but the only version i like is by bobby caldwell. anyhoo, moving on. i should so be sleeping and for a change the littlest soldier has been in bed for hours while i am enjoying the wonders of insomnia. to continue the theme from the last post though life is simply amazing me lol. okay maybe amazing is the wrong word. Roaming Soldier is making me giggle. which is no small feat considering the fact that i haven’t talked to Him since sunday. so how is He making me giggle? oh because of the things that He does.

i haven’t talked to Him since sunday because they were supposed to be on communication lockdown. no chatty with the family, friends or women folks until they were ready to leave this week. of course, He and His friend needed to talk to people and as they had been the entire time they were there decided to bend the rules there as well. the conversations weren’t long and they were always rushed but they just couldn’t go a whole week without talking to us. which in a way is adorable and i love Him for it BUT i didn’t want Him to get in trouble which He of course has lol and i didn’t want to get accustomed to hearing from Him again when i know that we shouldn’t be talking at that precise moment. in a few days we can talk and chat as much as we like until He has to leave. not looking forward to the leaving but i am doing a little happ dance that this is almost over.

sorry i’ve been hit or miss with the posting. there are a lot of things on my brain and i’m still trying to figure out how to juggle a lot of it. know that i am happy and care deeply about a wonderful man.


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  1. oh sis i’m glad you are doing ok i’ve been wondering where you’ve been. You have fun girl..*giggles*. Big Hugs

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