i just want to touch and kiss

And I wish that I could be with you tonight
You give me butterflies inside, inside and I

okay so songs are still stuck in my head, that’s a little snippet from butterflies by michael jackson. it wasn’t a huge hit but it’s one of the songs that i can listen to repeatedly from his ill fated invincible album which i won’t even bother to link because it was just soooo uneven. Roaming Soldier is coming home tonight. not home to me or i wouldn’t be online now, i’d be cleaning and showering and shaving and stocking up on candles and condoms lol. but He’ll be home tonight. we may be able to sneak in a visit this weekend but i’m not sure right now. His family and daughter are eagerly awaiting Him and i don’t want to interfere with that. hopefully He can call tonight and we can make a decision before bed. it’s a bad weekend to disappear considering sunday is mother’s day but neither of us are sure how long He gets to stay home before He might be deployed so it’s have one pissed off mommy or miss Roaming Soldier the one weekend we know He’s free which may be months or years from now.

and right now mommy isn’t winning this check and balance. she did something asinine again today and completely threw off my good mood. i’d be back on monday and her presents have been assembled. i know that sounds evil of me, i mean who leaves their mother alone on mother’s day? but she’s being entirely too annoying right now and my brother is just not helping at all. one of us needs to take a little vacation and as it takes a minor miracle to get her to leave the house that person might as well be me. i get a little stress relief, well save the stress incurred meeting strangers, and come back with a bit of renewed vigor to not kill my mother. plus i just want to see Him and be alone with the person that has me so totally captivated. i’d love if He could come here but that just appeases one cranky old lady, who will likely annoy the shit out of me while He’s here, and serve to annoy His entire family.

i’ll let you know after i make a decision of course. it may be after the weekend is over but i’ll let you know. for now i’m off to ponder.

see ya

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  1. gurl do like grown folks do… tell him get his boy to drive him down the block… hop in when he rolls by… do some serious riding… then tuck and roll, ma.. tuck and roll… and he can roll right back on home

  2. I hope that you have your alone time with your RS, and it’s everything you hope for/need.

    Butterflies was written by Floetry, they leased it to Michael, he helped them out a little, and viola!

    Maybe you could hook mom up with the Senior Connection, and she can meet a buddy. Or sign her up for a cuddling group.

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