what you won’t do….

do for love, you try everything but you won’t give up, in my world only youuuuuuuuuuuuu make me do for love what i would not do. okay sorry i was having a moment. that song popped into my head and it seemed a fitting way to start this post. no Roaming Soldier isn’t making me do anything i wouldn’t do. it’s just amazing to me the things we will do for someone we love. little things, big things, just things you weren’t expecting. i spent the better part of an hour last night trying to find a way to hit all seven continents in the span of ten days because Roaming Soldier thinks that would be an interesting way to have sex. and He’s right, sex in Cairo, Melbourne, Aberystwyth, Hong Kong, Ushuaia, Nuuk (Godthob) and our home would be great and feasible to do in ten days. we’d be exausted when we hit the states again but it would doable. getting to Antarctica totally screws that up. there is no place to land safely in a commercial jet. getting in via helicopter presents the same issues. some airlines will do flyovers but there’s no way to get off the flight. that leaves one method of getting in, the sea. we couldn’t charter a boat because very few of them are equipped to break through the ice packs surrounding the country. so that leaves cruises specifically designed to go there and the bare minimum on one of those is eight days of travel from Ushuaia or Punta Arenas. as someone pointed out, this may have just meant to be left as a fantasy but it was an intriguing idea so i had to plot it out for myself. i’ll talk to Him about it later and we’ll see what He has to say on the whole thing.

i’m going to come back and amend this post later once i finish a new story for Roaming Soldier.

see ya


He was lying in bed. He had just woken up and reached over for her only to find her missing. she came walking quietly back into the room with a tray in her hands. He had no idea what time she had to have been up by to make what she was carrying in currently. The pancakes were warm, the meat was all steaming as were the eggs. A bowl of cereal and a small bottle of milk was situated on the tray along with some toast, butter and silverware. He was smiling at her but had no idea what all of this was for. He was about to ask what she had done wrong that she was trying to atone for when the children came rushing into the room with gifts. He was now understanding why she insisted He slept in His pajama bottoms last night. she as usual was dwarfed in His top but happy. He collected gifts from them all and kissed and snuggled the children that would still allow that. He had time to eat and share with the family before another surprise was thrust on Him

They went sprinting for the doorbell when it rang. she tossed Him a shirt and she slid into a bra and sweats quickly. His parents had flown into town and were taking the kids for the week. He was smiling at her again, amazed that she could hide things from Him without exactly lying to Him which would definitely get her in trouble. They all sat around talking for a bit before the kids happily lugged their little suitcases out to the car to be with grandma and grandpa. As soon as His parents were moving out of the driveway and down the block, He swatted her on the bottom and ushered her back inside their home. she hugged Him and stared up at Him, her eyes full of happiness and asked Him, “What would You require of me today Daddy?” she could see His eyes light up and hear His brain clicking but couldn’t have imagined what He was thinking.

“For now baby, go start the shower and wait for me. Daddy is going to get the gift you gave me last night and lay out a few toys. Remember I want the water nice and warm by the time I get there and be completely naked when I get in the bathroom.” He kissed her forehead and she nearly sprinted up the stairs. He walked back into the bedroom and heard the shower running. she was already undressed and kneeling next to shower. A towel was sitting on the lowered seat of the toilet and her head was lowered but He could see her smiling. He walked over to the dresser and fingered the gift she had purchased for Father’s Day. she gave Him a new sword which He wasn’t expecting. she had gone through the collection and tried to make sure that it wasn’t already in there before purchasing the nearly twenty nine inch blade Katana Luxe. Forty inches total and gleaming in the afternoon sun. He might let the blade actually cut her skin today but He liked it the way it was so He was doubtful He’d scar her. He was going to spank her though and figured she might get loud since no one was home but them. He pulled out the ball gags and would decide later if she’d wear it. The riding crop she got for mother’s day was next–longer than the other one with more sting to it, the nipple clamps, the paddles, the bondage tape and cuffs were all brought out and placed around the katana. He walked into the bathroom then. “Stand up darling and undress me.” she did so after quickly saying, “yes Daddy.” He bent over slightly to let her get the shirt over His head and then moaned as she licked and sucked her way down to His waist. she pulled His pants down and helped Him step out of them. she kissed her way back up to her bottle and looked up at Him with pleading in her eyes. “Take your bottle honey.”

her lips fastened to His dick as her eyes closed and she let out a low moan. she tugged at the head of His dick gently at first. her mouth was wet and warm but she hadn’t started increasing the pressure on Him yet. With each stroke she took a little more of Him into her mouth and down her throat. her tongue was caressing Him all over. her left hand was holding Him at the base of His shaft and her right hand was stroking His thigh. He pulled it up to Him and bent over to suck her fingers. she sighed and inhaled deeply creating a tremendous amount of pressure around His dick. she immediately recoated His dick with saliva and He straightened out from the sensation. He tapped her hand and it slipped to its intended destination. her wet tips pulled and twisted her clit as His hand slid into her hair. He grabbed a handful of her hair at the back of her head and started guiding her mouth at the pace He wanted it. Soon He was fucking her face at a quick clip and the saliva was oozing out of the side of her mouth. she increased the suction a bit and let her tongue snake along the length of His dick. she felt the veins pulsating and He told her to open wider. she slackened the suction slightly and then felt Him flood her mouth before swallowing quickly. “Into the shower darling.”

she stepped in and waited for Him to do so. The bathroom had long since been steamy and the water was very warm. After He was in front of her, she dropped to her knees and started washing His feet before working her way back up His body. He turned away from her to wash off the soap and she washed His back and licked the rest of His skin before soaping Him up. He finished rinsing off the suds and had her stand in front of Him. He washed her as thoroughly as she had done Him starting with her back. When she was good and clear of soap, He pushed her under the shower against the wall and took her nipples deep into His mouth, one after the other. she was moaning and straining not to cum before He gave her permission to do whatever she needed to do that day. she nodded and moaned, “thank You Daddy.”

“Umm I like hearing you say that. That’s all I’m going to allow you to say today. Do you understand darling?”

“Yes Daddy, thank You Daddy.” He bit her breast hard and she cried out.

“Let’s try this again. Do you understand the only three words you are allowed to say today.” she nodded. “What are they girl?”

“thank You Daddy.”


“thank You Daddy.” He bit her again and she quickly replied, “thank You Daddy.” He turned off the water and ordered her onto their bed. He wrapped contemplated toweling off but figured it didn’t matter. He cuffed her hands above her head and rolled her over onto her chest after clamping her nipples and turning on the remote pack. He didn’t turn on the vibrations yet but figured she’d be cumming for Him soon enough and that would just fry her brain. He paddled her ass until a nice heat had come off of it. It was quick and without warning and she had jumped in response to most of the swats. “What do you say to Daddy?”

“thank You Daddy.” she mumbled it over and over again and it just made His dick hard. He walked around to her face and shoved Himself in before she had a moment to think about it. she sucked Him without pause until He withdrew just as quickly as He had invaded her mouth. “thank You Daddy.” He smiled as He walked back over to the toys. He decided to use the katana and walked back over to her face. He caressed it softly and kissed her lips before reinserting Himself between them. He loved the fact that she was so short now. her hands were making themselves busy on His legs which meant a fair amount of her upper torso was occupied with touching Him leaving Him to torment the rest of her sixty three inch frame with the katana. He drug it around her thighs and back. He flattened it and swatted her ass with it repeatedly. He used the dull side to spread her legs and drug it through what He was sure was a nice soppy cum filled pussy. He brought it up to His face and smelled her on the blade. He uncuffed her hands and made her stand up.

“thank You Daddy.” her eyes got wide when she saw what He intended to do with the bondage tape. He had her raise her arms and then proceeded to tape her breasts, clamps and all, down with the tape. When she began to look like she was wearing a halter top, she lowered her arms and said meekly—“thank You Daddy.” He sat on the bed and summoned her over to Him. she knelt in front of Him and opened her mouth as He held His dick stead for her. she swallowed Him quickly and He started playing in her hair again. He just toyed with the hair she was very anal about hiding the gray in. He’d never seen one and even if He had she still looked five years younger than she was. her jaws were milking His dick again. she wanted His nut and would be very insistent until she got it. He let His mind slip to what He had planned for the last part of the afternoon’s debauchery and it immediately shoved Him over the edge. she struggled to swallow it all and when He pulled out she giggled as she burped and said “thank You Daddy.”

He pulled two candles out of the drawer and placed them on the counter. He lit both then grabbed the remote control for the clamps. He had her stand up and bend over at the waist. He slid in her slowly, taking time to enjoy the changes in her pussy she opened to accommodate Him. she was letting out a series of moans and “thank You Daddy” with each long slow stroke. The combination was making Him feel quite high but her screaming would make Him as hard as concrete. He flipped on the clamps and she shuddered down to her toes. He smirked and enjoyed the fact that only He knew how long each burst would be. she kept muttering “thank You Daddy” because she knew He wanted to hear it but she just wanted to cum. He fucked her harder and harder and was praying for her knee to buckle. Instead, He felt her hands massaging His balls and her tongue on His legs. He repeatedly turned the clamps on and off but all she would say is “thank You Daddy.” He was ready to cum but not before she did. He turned off the clamps and fucked her so ferociously He thought the series of screamed “thank You Daddy” would leave a crack in the wall. she climaxed in a flood and her legs finally got wobbly. He lay her on her back and cut off the tape. When he took off the clamps she released a teary “thank You Daddy.” He placed everything back on the table before walking back over to her with the candles. He gave them to her while He stood over her and shoved His dick down her throat again. He fucked her face roughly, His orgasm was moments from happening. she sucked diligently as saliva slipped from her mouth and down into her hair. When they both felt the pulsing, He took the candles from her and covered her tits with the hot wax. she moaned and opened her mouth widely as He pulled out and His nut covered the thickening wax. she rubbed it into her chest which made Him feel a need to put His dick in her again. He slid into her pussy after grabbing her legs and putting them on His shoulder. she wailed, thank You Daddy as He pounded into her for a few moments before His dick went slack. He let her legs fall apart and down around Him. He eventually withdrew and lay down next to her.

He asked if she was okay and she replied as she had been instructed. He chuckled for a moment and then told her to speak freely.

“yes Daddy i am fine.”

“Yes you are but you are also a sticky mess. Let’s take a bubble bath.”

she went into the bathroom and filled the tub. He was in before the water was off good and pulled her in with Him. they lounged around in the tub until they were both pruning. They did towel off this time and got into bed together. They hadn’t been able to fuck wildly and without interruption for a while. Both were a little tired but it didn’t stop her from mounting Him and riding Him. she ended up completely laying backwards and sucking on His thighs while He toyed with her clit. her pussy clamped down on Him and milked Him the same way her mouth did. her hands wrapped around His legs and she rocked on His dick harder and harder until He had started attacking her clit. When she started trembling, He slammed up into her and she let out a heartfelt, “thank You Daddy.” as she creamed all over Him. He returned the favor by flooding her walls with His nut. she giggled as He sat up to pull her to Him. she collapsed on His chest and sighed.

“Get some rest baby. We’ll be starting that over in a few hours,” He told her as they took a quick nap stuck together.

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