another tag from mr. crimson

if i aint know better i’d think he liked hitting me lol

  • I Said: that i’d wait for Him
  • I Want: Him to come home now and my Daddy to be here and bother the hell out of me
  • I Wish: i had cussed that other boy out sooner
  • I Hate: stupid people
  • I Miss: the men that me feel safe
  • I Hear: the whirring of my ceiling fan
  • I Wonder: what i’d be like if i ever got enough sleep
  • I Regret: not being able to molest Him before He left
  • I Am Not: the most tactful person
  • I Dance: alone at the crib in my draws
  • I Sing: all the time but especially in the car
  • I Cry: when i get frustrated
  • I Am Not Always: on top of things
  • I Make With My Hands: things that make peoples’ brain melt
  • I Write: diagnoses, reports, poetry, short stories and brain melty things
  • I Confuse: damn near everyone i know
  • I Need: Him to come home now
  • I Should: stop saying that because it makes me pissed that i know He can’t
  • I Start: smiling i talk to my friends and thinking about Him because i am now sappy
  • I Finish: corny movie dialogue with my friends
  • I Tag: sidra, jo, cuddleslut and taylor and mr monarch if he’s down

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