i’ve been tagged by mr. crimson

obie kaybe apparently i got tagged while i was dealing with my latest client in crisis (but that could have been read wrong as i only got 4 hours of sleep and i am a bit loopy). he asked for 10 of life’s simplest pleasures i think it was called so here are my ten.

  1. waking up late on saturday mornings
  2. catching up with friends you’ve had long enough that you don’t have to explain the same old jokes
  3. a good hard rain storm when it’s been really hot and dry
  4. a house that is filled with the smell of warm food
  5. the smiles on children’s faces when they do something for the first time or discover something all on their own
  6. hearing a song you love on the radio years later
  7. sleeping naked under fresh clean sheets
  8. sleeping naked under fresh clean sheets with someone you love
  9. the first rays of sunshine in the morning
  10. a single perfect kiss

i’ll tag sidra, jo, aceKlub, and Deb

2 thoughts on “i’ve been tagged by mr. crimson”

  1. Somehow I knew looking at that tag that you were gonna tag me woman lol…I shall do it right now. Have a good day.

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