all good girls should be in bed

and technically i am in bed so i am a good girl. the problem is i nodded off about four hours ago and while i am typing this with droopy eyes i am about as awake as i was twelve hours ago. i have no idea why i’m up and i am waiting to go back to sleep for two more hours before going to spend a long day at work. not too many clients and really i’ll spend most of the day doing paperwork but man i’d rather spend it in bed. preferably with Roaming Soldier but just in the bed would be good too. i could catch up on all the shows i refuse to tape because i know i won’t watch them and will just end up with a pile of videos that need to be watched. yes i know i could always TiVo but it would be the same situation eventually just no visual cue that i have a lot of crap to watch. i have no idea why that last line made me sleepy but it seems to have done the trick. i’ll be back later, to bitch about work or gush about RS either way. love ya.


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