a little of this, a little of that

i have no idea what this is going to cover so bear with me. first thing, still no rain–been looking overcast and all that but no rain. increase in temperature but nothing to cool off the evenings with. that’s part of why i’m still up but it’s not the only reason. i filed my state taxes yesterday. i should be getting a return but as i hate prepping state taxes i could have done them wrong. regardless my last multi-state tax return year is over thank goodness. if the return comes back all nice and neat i think it will pay for the maintenance work i need done on my car. nothing major just the checkup that the dealer would like to keep done so as to not void my warranty. my clients were stressed today which stressed me out and then i still had to do some grocery shopping before i was home for the night. that is of course after i dropped off my taxes and wrote down the massive shopping list she had for me. okay it’s hot, let me adjust the air and i’ll be back.

all right that’s better. forced seperation is good for you sometimes. gives you time to learn more about one another, talk with no hope of sex screwing it up, figure out if you hate one another before you do major damage to each other. thus far things seem to be going quite well with Roaming Soldier and i. he is the sweetest man without it being a weakness to be exploited. don’t get me wrong i am not out to manipulate men, or anyone for that matter, but some men and women are so giving and open that it’s difficult to date them without feeling as though you are going to end up walking all over them much to your chagrin most of the time. RS has a good balance of nurture and cherish with the necessary discipline and guidance that someone as bratty as i can be needs. i like a firm hand as it were. that’s why several of my relationships tanked in the past. i’m not a big tester (ie i am not going to do things that test his devotion to me) in relationships but there are a few times that i flat out KNOW i need to be reigned in and how someone chooses to do that, if they choose to do it at all, has a great deal to do with my staying or going. that doesn’t include times when the person in question has clearly stepped over any boundaries of decency but believe me when i say they should easily be able to tell when i’m pushing just to see if i can. i was going somewhere with this wasn’t i? oh okay lol RS is a good balance of kind and caring with firm and disciplined as need be.

hmm what else is there to tell? oh yesterday i got my schoolgirl outfit. perfectly hangs in the front but due to my ample backside it’s skirting the edge of my ass at the moment lol. i so need to find the white bloomers to go under it, not that they are remotely necessary but they would be so cute underneath. i didn’t try the top on primarily because i may wear another one with it. i want the whole ensemble to look a certain way and see through white fabric isn’t really included in the overall look. maybe i can alter it a bit and it can be a bit of a surprise. who knows? but overall i’m happy with it. oh and green hornet the straps can be removed. that is good for the skirt but could motivate him to use them in a different way.

i started this post last night, fell asleep typing it and went on to bed. i can’t say i was anymore tired than normal but RS did make me cry (good tears lol) so that might have drained me. at the same time thought it made me, well horny. ummm Sidra and Night Owl if you are perusing the page you may want to stop right here in this post and come back when you see the next paragraph start. i am not perpetually horny right now but it’s been pretty consistent. as the day has drug on i am noticing the subtle vibrations of everything and it’s making me a little flighty. if i wasn’t so god awful loud i might be able to sneak one in the office but i like being loud and i may need to scream to get this one out of my sytem good. really i want him inside of me now. i’m bordering on hunger for his touch and his mouth and his sweat. i’m sure i’ve never mentioned this. i love sweaty men. why you may ask. well let me tell you. sweaty men have salty skin lol. i hate massive quantities of salt on anything i swear i do. but skin salty is strangely appealing especially on someone that you are madly in love with, or at least lusting after intensely. over the last few years very few men have been able to even remotely get a rise out of me let alone push my buttons enough to want to wrap my body around their’s and dive into blissful moments with them. the last two i’ve met have done that in a way that i haven’t experienced to date. it’s almost a maddening drive to become a part of them. not in that crazy psycho stalker girl kind of way lol but in that moment of sheer and utter joy from finally being able to insert part A into slot B occurs. part of you wanting to savor the entry and the other part ready to slam into one another because you can. i want the bites and the bruises. i want the limping and the pain. i want my scalp to hurt because he used my hair as a lead when he fucked me roughly and for a protracted period of time. before i started listening to prince this morning i had closer stuck in my brain—i want to fuck you like an animal—yep that’s what i want right there. i want to fall into a sweaty heap content to be still for a few moments before i slip underneath the sheet and find the tool of my torment and suckle it until i can’t do anything but swallow or pass out. yeah that’s it that’s what i want lol.

okay so now that i have done my journey through lusty delights i can wrap this up. i am tired lol. i don’t know why it feels like i’m not sleeping well but i am dreaming about RS so that’s fine with me. and i guess well isn’t what i should say there. i’m not sleeping enough but my dreams are always delightful. i’m going to finish playing a game and then head home. everyone be good and thank God for flex time.

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