damn it, i was cheated

as i was speeding along highway 412 headed west, the weather looked foreboding and the wind was problematic. as i headed back along that same stretch towards home, we got one of those freak sunshine filled storms and the weather gradually looked like all hell was going to break loose. i came home after taking mom out to dinner and got fully ready for a nice storm to inspire naughty thoughts about Roaming Soldier. yeah no such luck lol. not even a gust of wind has come through let alone a raindrop. it’s a good thing i talked to him and Night Owl otherwise i would have been lacking all kinds of stimulation for my brain. umm and no Night Owl isn’t inspiring anything along that lines. she just tells me about side conversations they have sometimes and that makes me smile. and talking to RS makes me smile but makes me wish he was touching the small of my back as he led me wherever he wanted me to be.

speaking of RS we talked tonight, well last night i guess. He didn’t make me cry this time but he made me smile and giggle and really bust a gut laughing at him for a moment. He’s been fussing at me for not being at home when he gets a free moment to call. well i never would have been home when he called because he had been repeatedly dialing the wrong number lol. that is okay, we fixed all of that and the next time RS calls i should be at one of the numbers i gave him. we joked about weddings (not ours) and proposals (sort of ours) and how fast his heart attack would set in if the littlest soldier managed to snag the bouquet. nothing mushy until we talked to Night Owl again. i am really enjoying the exchange and the ideas that are thrust from my brain as we get to know one another. i wrote RS a nice rainless missive. but i can say the lack of rain did nothing to dampen that rush after we chatted.

okay i’m falling asleep finally, night

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