so i should be sleeping

and that of course is not the case. i am going to bed soon i promise but i was up being slightly moody that i hadn’t talked to him since yesterday morning. consciously not allowing it because i know that what he is doing right now is keeping him more than preoccupied and i surely don’t need to be making this harder on him. subsconsiously, longing to be called “little girl” to make my face redden and my body tingle. and who doesn’t like to be told they are thought about? so instead of pouting i wrote him a short email and told him that i missed him and hoped he was okay. maybe thirty minutes went by, i’m sure that it was that long, and my Roaming Soldier was there and said the things that would make my face redden and my body tingle. a short conversation, as they should be when it’s two am lol, but the much desired stroking took place for both of us. yes i felt like a sappy something or other after it was done but i would prefer the sappy than nothing at all.

i felt his hands on me as he said night and gave me my daily kisses. i could vividly imagine the quick hard thrusts of his body inside of mine. hear my breath catch as each one brings us closer to a warm fuzzy space. i can hear his voice in my ear telling me that Daddy is happy that i am his. i could elaborate indefinitely but after that last line i don’t need to remember anything else. night night kiddies.

love ya

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