the views about to be expressed…..

hell you know the rest if you have seen enough infomercials. i told you a friend would be sharing a post with you all about his weekend of drama. here ya go:

Don’t Expect Ish From Anyone

First off, let me put out this disclaimer, that I shoulda knew better than to expect anything from anyone, cause when you expect anything is when you’re damn near guaranteed to be disappointed. Now, on to my story, it all started around a month and a half ago. This chick I’ve known for many, many years informed me that she would be coming to Atlanta to visit friends and to visit me as well. At this point in time plans for spending the night together as well as “extracurricular” activities began. So there has been a build up of anticipation at least on my side, and on hers from what I could tell. Through some slight tiffs and moments, we managed to make it to this past weekend where she would arrive in Atlanta on Friday afternoon and leave Monday morning. The plan was to arrive on Friday night, me pick her up, bring her back to my residence and then have my way with her until Sunday morning when I would take her back to her friends. So that’s the background, get it, got it, good.
Ok, so that sounds like a great plan, but things just didn’t go like that, so sad. Well, she ends up arriving Friday afternoon according to the plan and informs me that she is going out to eat with her girlfriends (around 6pm) and then she would get back at me so that I could come get her. I get a text message around 10pm letting me know that she was still eating, so I call her at 11pm and her girl answers the phone and lets me know that she is in the shower. Here I am thinking that I’m going to get a call back, boy was I wrong, and there I go expecting shit again. So Friday night comes and goes with no type of response from her and she calls me at 2pm on Saturday, knowing that I was at work. So when I get off work at 3pm, I call her and I get no response. So around 5pm, I finally hear from her and she informs me that her and her girlfriends are out shopping, but the kicker is that her girlfriends have informed her that they are not going to let her go anywhere with me, and if they did, they were ALL going to have to come with us. Damn they was blocking like Dikembe Mutumbo in the middle of the lane. So now we have to improvise our plan and say that we are going on a date so that they will let her out of their supervision and when they did that, we were just going to head to Athens and she would come back the next day and they would be ok in the grand scheme of things. So at around 7 something I finally get on the road to go pick her up and set the plan into motion. The trip is over an hour long, but I finally get there. When she comes outside to get into the car, she asks me “Where are we going?” and I said to my spot like we had planned, and her response was “I can’t go to your spot”. The reason is because her friends had guilted her into believing that they were the all important rulers of her life and that she had to come with them no matter what. So instead of being a grown woman and making decisions for herself, she let her friends make the decision for her. So she tells me that she is trying to find a situation that will make everyone happy, me being the logical person that I am, I let her know that there was no way that she would be able to make everyone happy. So after I picked her up, we sat in the car for 45 minutes and discussed the pros and the cons. He ultimate ideas were: 1) That I go to the club with them (wasn’t dressed for the club, and I didn’t feel like going to the club, so that was a no) and 2) Was that I sit around town somewhere and wait for them to get back from the club and then take her to my spot. Folks, let me remind you that at this point it was 10pm and we all know that no one really gets home before the club before like 3am, and she expected me to just sit in my car or something and wait for her. What kind of asinine bull shit is that? So I just came home alone and wasted damn near 4 hours of my life for a blank ass trip, all because she let her friends make decisions for her instead of being a grown woman and telling them what she was going to do. But I guess that’s what I get for expecting shit from what I thought was a grown woman, lesson learned and accepted.

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  1. yeah. see… she deserves a “jack rabbit slap” the kind where you run real fast towards her, jump up, and come down with the back hand from east london that sends her flying to west hell. i hated that crap back in the day

  2. Ladies and Gentlemen,
    Thank you for your comments on this unbelievable situation which came my way. I have been sent on dummy missions before, but NEVER one to this extent where I’m travelling to another city only to be hit with some bullshit. I no longer have any desire to speak with this chick, she has been removed from all contacts and blocked on IMs, with her only remnants being left in my cell phone, so I know not to answer when she calls. But to update on this story, a day after old girl gets back to Orlando, she contacts my cousin (she has an infatuation with both of us), and today she arrived at his house at about 1:30 and he beat her back out with no resistance, while she called him all kinds of “daddies” and “babies”, telling him how much she missed him. I don’t know why, but this had me laughing for about 30 minutes, maybe I’m just happy someone in my family beat it in, lol.
    I am now convinced that she’s in love with my cousin and she was just making some bullshit excuses so she wouldn’t have to cash the check her mouth wrote.

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