red velvet: the introductory text

i sure do like talking about myself huh? well of course i do otherwise this blog wouldn’t be up. but this post is probably going to be more humor than deep and introspective. it came up tonight, as it does from time to time, that i am quite appropriately a textbook sub. by that i don’t mean that i read up and came to the conclusion that this might work for me. i did do some reading and it did seem like it might work but that isn’t what i meant. i mean if you open a book and start reading off the list of “submissive” qualities you’ll find me in there almost to the letter. i delight in pleasing people (well people that i like). i can find a way to get in trouble only because i want to be punished. i get excited about bondage equipment sales and have to fight myself to stop from ordering things. even my more mundane fantasies involve me giving myself over to someone else to control and whom i will derive most of my pleasure from knowing they are happy. and after a kinky conversation it takes me most of the day to shake off the sensation. at this point, i am just enjoying exploring the world through another Dom’s eyes and trying not to entertain any really truly twisted fantasies. enjoy the post from my guest poster below this one and have a good night ladies and gents.


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  1. thanks Master Enigma, nah these are even more twisted than my brain can process right now but i’m enjoying the ones i share with Roaming Soldier

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