it’s time for all good subs to be in bed

i have really have to get used to going to bed on a regular schedule. it goes against my natural internal clock (haven’t slept since infancy really–weird kid i swear) but the rest of my life needs to be in tune with the rest of the world. primarily because Roaming Soldier, while sweet enough to stay up with me from time to time, is not a night owl. the Littlest Soldier is more like me but she’s six and that’s not exactly a lobbying point for me. i’m sure i’d have been thoroughly used and put to bed by now but on those nights when life has overwhelmed us both my chronic insomnia would probably be kicking my cute subbie behind again. now i know someone is probably wondering when did she start making plans to move in with RS and the LS? i haven’t lol i’m just thinking long-term in the best case scenario. that’s what i do hear from time to time you all know that lol.

this floaty get to know one another period is very enjoyable for me. it’s nice to interact with the people that know him and get a feel for who he is through the eyes of other folks just like i am able to see what Domination and submission look like from his perspective. that ever present chord that keeps one bound to the other but not walking around house chained to him. not that there is anything wrong with or if the situation was different i wouldn’t be more than willing to do so but ummm there is no need to warp the LS’s brain. she’s got decades to get nearly as demented as myself or her father. and we aren’t really demented but you know what i mean. well i don’t think he’s demented, the jury may still be out on me.

today work was hilarious but i can’t really explain why. it’s inside office humor and it wouldn’t translate here at all. just know that i laughed my butt off today. i daydreamed about Roaming Soldier when i closed myself up in the office. it’s so empty, especially at the end of the day, that i would love to drag him into my nice corner office with no windows and see how long i could stay suspended to the coat rack in the door while he did all manner of interesting things to me. that was only briefly interrupted by thoughts of him in my shower. okay i’ve explained that i’m rather short (5’3”/5’4”) and as i was washing my hair in the shower last night it dawned on me that he’d NEVER be able to stand up in my shower more than likely. the tub looks deeper than it is and there is a weird ridge that gives me maybe a foot or so before i’d be touching the ceiling. now if he was just a foot taller than me he’d be uncomfortable but would probably be okay. as he’s about a foot and half taller than me yeah i don’t think he’d be okay lol. my tub would mean mandatory bubble bath which is good as he liked the long soak post from before but sometimes a good hard screw against the shower wall is all a girl needs in her life. but then again i’m sure he’s used to accomodating his height in various showers so i will continue to indulge my random fantasies.

i got spoiled this weekend. we talked a lot and i remembered why he’s made me giggle so much and i like that. we also talked about the long soak and his appreciation for my imagination and plotting on how to make things a reality. he made me blush (redden lol) and i made him smile—no sweeter words to a sub i tell ya. it made me dream happy things, and then last night i woke up thinking about him tracing the blade of a very nice knife across my chest and back. i see the knife clearly. i might have to go looking for it.

other than that i have had some very interesting conversations with a few other Dominiant men lately. this is not a knock to my sub sisters at all, but it is incredibly intriguing to watch their (Doms’) wheels turn. it’s amazing how well they read us but then know we have to be able to discuss the wants and needs from our end in order to keep everyone happy. i didn’t ask about their need to dominate us but you know eventualy i will. it was just nice not to have to explain that rampant desire in myself to submit to and be owned by someone who craves to own me and keep me. made me want to do a little happy dance and all. i love this place i’m in now i swear. i can’t wait to curl up with RS and i know it will likely be after some nipple clamps have shaken me loose from my composure. okay i’m going to go to bed now lol.

y’all be good

5 thoughts on “it’s time for all good subs to be in bed”

  1. I’m glad you had a nice time at work… It is always better when the workplace is happy and laughing… šŸ˜‰
    I have good hope you will come to some interesting RL situations with Roaming Soldier… šŸ˜‰

  2. yeah work is a good spot, very fun people, we watched monster’s inc this morning and ate popcorn, and i hope that RS and i have wonderful times together soon too, thanks jo

  3. watched monsters inc? ate popcorn? damn. no sno caps? and how can i get an application? on top of that, i’ll keep in mind not to send you any toy sale links. i do, however, think you and RS are gonna have a 5-alarm relationship, so i’ll make sure to email you a picture of water or a water hose every now and then as a reminder to cool off lol

  4. lol thanks for not sending me any toy sale links, i have impulse control issues and RS just encourages me to find things to restrict myself lol, hey if you speak Spanish fluently and have a degree in psych or social work let me know. we are looking for a new staff member to share in the disney fest.

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