don’t mind me i’m rambling

so as i’m sitting here thinking to myself about what to type i think i might really be at a loss for once. my mind has one central thought circulating through it and there are only so many ways i can explain to you how i want to molest Roaming Soldier. i may enumerate them later but right now it’s safe to say i like most of them a LOT. i put off blogging for hours today and i’m not sure why. i’m not that tired and i’m not terribly distracted. i’ve been watching entirely too much miami ink and it makes me tear up with some of the stories. in between that though i watched SVU and The Unit. okay Dennis Haysbert is not my perfect idea of a Dom but he makes me puddle like everytime he starts talking. oh my he’s luscious. strong, tall, powerful with a booming voice. i would happily drop to my knees if he said sit still pet lol. and he’s a gemini like my father, brother, Roaming Soldier and Prince (some of the most important men in my life lol) so he’d balance me out nicely. i have no idea what it is about gemini men, because their split personalities so don’t bother me, but they make me feel safe and secure almost instaneously. acknowledging how spoiled my father made me, it is very important for that to occur if i am going to really see someone for any length of time. the fact that Roaming Soldier is a twin born under gemini just makes me giggle but i enjoy the giggling.

the first wives club is on again. if you have never seen it watch it sometimes. it’s cute like legally blonde was. but i don’t recommend it if you are having a bad breakup. during the initial stage it’s not a productive film. i spoke with Sidra tonight about a few things and despite my best intentions i have to admit that i am not constantly superhuman. those moments when i get to be are great but really i just want to be adored and taken care of. i’m not looking for a pedestal (it hurts to fall off of those damn things) but as i have noted at least personally, i would greatly enjoy having someOne in particular to share all the highs and lows with. and not really all–some stuff just because of what i do has to remain solely on my shoulders. but the truth of the matter is i miss being spoiled by the man i see as incredibly wonderful and that will appreciate it and kiss me on my cheek just because it will make me smile. granted right now he’d be bending WAY down lol but i would enjoy that a lot. okay no i lust you let me count the ways post about Roaming Soldier tonight. i’ll try again tomorrow.

love ya

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  1. i am afraid my posts are not taking. I love your writings. Please contact me should you wish to talk. I can be found on yahoo 360 as well as under the same name…masterscallie

    It is a pleasure to have found your entries.

    in service,
    slave callie

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