ohhh i feel pretty lol

okay so as you can tell, if your browser has refreshed the site at all, the velvet rope has had a little work done. seeing cuddleslut’s new page made me all jealous so i had to get a new one too. okay so that’s not entirely true but i was hoping to find something a bit more red and a bit more submissive. i think mija has done a wonderful job of capturing both aspects for me and i couldn’t be more grateful. she is the absolute best. she also made some very nice banners for me that will show up on two of the bdsm link exchange sites i’m listed on pretty soon. Night Owl i’m doing my little happy dance now by the way. i can’t say i needed a face lift or anything but it’s nice to shed our skin from time to time and see what lovely things may fall out. this is far more than i was planning at the time but again a huge thanks goes to mija for all of her work.

this week flew by literally. that could be because i am happy and the kids were all gone from campus. traffic was light, parking was easy, case load was minimal and i finally took care of a few lingering issues with my car including a lovely flat tire monday morning. things with mom have been lowkey and joy of joys she’s leaving shortly after her birthday and won’t be back for a few weeks. red gets to dance around the house naked again. red gets to dance around the house naked again. this will be a different happy dance altogehter but i surely will be doing one. i’d be dancing more and happier like if there was someone here to dance for but it is what it is at the moment. all this time alone lingering and missing being in service will just make me all the more ready and keyed up the next time i get to be used, abused, tormented, nurtured, loved and cherished. yeah buddy, red gets to dance around naked.

there are a number of people and things that have me smiling and i just have to thank my higher power that i have them around. if you have listened to or been harassed by a Prince fan to listen to the newest release (3121, buy here or here) from His Royal Badness please give it a listen. this is probably one of his best albums in the last four or five years. i loved musicology but i think i might have been one of the only ones lol. the cd is a good mix of funky Prince, sexual Prince and the very outspoken spiritual Prince. incense and candels, satisfied, fury, the word, and beautiful loved and blessed have had me bopping around the house for the last day and a half. i am not usually a singer, i mean i do in the car but no one care hear me but i have been singing beautiful loved and blessed like i need to be testifying to someone that life and love are both WONDERFUL right now. and they are. i am tired and overworked and i could deal with a vacation but my bills are paid, my family is healthy, my friends love and support me, this damn dissertation WILL be conquered and i may be starting a wonderful life with a man that makes me smile at least four times while i’m singing beautiful loved and blessed. and now i have this nice new site to play around in. red is a happy happy girl.

be loved and be blessed

9 thoughts on “ohhh i feel pretty lol”

  1. yo, i’m diggin the new doo! and the vicious chick with the witchblade glove is nice. submissive or not, she looks like she’d hurt somebody. the velvet ropes are a nice touch too. for a minute i thought i was gonna have to pay admission. yeah, i can dig this look for ya

  2. thanks thawtz lol. no admission unless you want to contribute to the buy red prince tickets and more rope fund. and my digital alter ego will only hurt those that mess with the people she cares about. then folks get diced up and fed to the dog pound.

  3. Hey Red!
    I love the new template, especially the “velvet ropes” dividing the posts.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Mija Rocks!!


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