some stuff just makes me smile

i am half asleep as i type this. well that’s not true, i’m tired but it’s more an emotional thing right now. my mommy, the one that has been acting so wonderful, has finally returned to her normal mommy self and is driving me nuts. she is pouting about any and everything she can be. she is disappointed that we can’t move out immediately because the small children (they are like 2 and 3) above us are making normal children noises. i understand that part of it is because she really has been more sensitive to things which i get but good lord woman hush it. she really is acting like a two year old and since i got no pleasure in making her and am receiving no benefits from sleeping with her father (go with the analogy, i don’t mean literally as that would be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nasty) she really is just getting on my nerves. needless to say that didn’t make me smile.

but the rest of the day has. funny emails, sleeping in, watching my stories for the first time in about six months and just roaming around the internet. i came upon THIS today while roaming condomania’s website which in and of itself makes me smile. talking to my male buddies on the computer today really made me want to send it to all of them and order em a box to see if it really made a difference. i am so serious about conducting a focus group though. so if you can give me honest feedback we might be able to arrange testing situations for ya. well at least the supplies lol.

and then about forty minutes ago Roaming Soldier was able to log on briefly and make me smile. and i tried really hard to make him smile before he logged off. i think i succeeded but i may have just distracted him lol. but hey it keeps me on his brain for a while longer and i get to think about what size custom fit he might need. plus the new elexa condoms by trojan that are supposed to be specially suited to be more pleasing to the female anatomy. i need to make test runs immediately after he releases all that built up tension he has right now. and hell it will help me release all this momma negative energy. and let’s face it being impaled would be nice (and make me start smiling again) i am also sad to report that kittens will be dying this evening. well i’m not really sad about it but i apologize to all of those that love the kitten population out there. i’ve seen too many attractive, kinky, nasty things today and talked to one man that spawns nasty kinky things in me. RIP kitties.

be good or be good at it

eta: Dinosaurs the old tv series is coming out on DVD on May 2, if you remember it and the frequent “not the momma” uttered by the baby you’ll know why i am grinning.

4 thoughts on “some stuff just makes me smile”

  1. oh gawd! i hated that show. it was like a reptilian version of the flintstones without Dino. That baby was equivalent to Elmo in my book. Annoying as hell.

    Oh, and I’ll pass on the fit-kit. Married. Til death. Don’t need those things anymore.

  2. dinosaurs was hilarious but it’s ok thawtz i won’t hold that against ya

    as for the fit-kit, the happily married and condom free wouldn’t qualify for the sample lol

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