making love in the rain revisted

i have been looking forward to this moment all day. the storm has made me want to crawl back into bed and undress slowly underneath the blankets. every stitch of clothing makes me think of you and the fact that your hands will be on me soon. i look at my skirt and blouse in a neat little pile and consider getting out of bed to put them away when i hear the front door open and close. your footfalls are voice great me next. i let you know where i am and smile as i pull the blanket back far enough for you to know i am wearing just the lingerie you picked out for me that morning, well most of it. you couldn’t have known it was going to rain but as soon as it started you knew to make sure that i came straight home. my hair is in loose curls around my head and i’m sure i must look like a disheveled child but you touch my cheek and tell me you’d have me no other way. i blush and i am again quite glad that you picked me to be here with you.

the storm intensifies outside and a splash of lightening illuminates the trees in the yard. no music is playing but i hear the song in my head just the same making love in the rain, i can’t believe the joy it brings me. you undress and are next to me before the next crash of thunder. the kisses are gentle, exploring, pleading for a moment. hands are timid and soft in areas they have roamed dozens of times. flesh is heated and bodies move toward each other into that lock and key spot where we just fit together. you whisper in my ear all of the ways you are going to make my body yield to yours and i blush again. your imagination never fails to amaze me. before i can stop you i feel you disappearing beneath the covers and your mouth is parting the lips that don’t speak. your inquiries are intense and probing and i can only give you simple replies—yes, please, more. my body quivers and you seize the opportunity to use and abuse the set of lips much higher than you are now. you pull the covers off of us both and lean back against the footboard. i wait for permission to move and once granted it i crawl between your thighs. you don’t bother with more formalities and quickly insert yourself down my throat. i am lost in the sensation of taking you inside myself. your thumb brushes my top lip before you let your head sink back and you sigh into the stillness of our bedroom. my pace increases and the current of pleasure between us is riding an intense circuit. you say enough and i slowly remove my mouth from you being sure to kiss each inch as i do. you stand up quickly and tie my hands behind my back. a few quick swats with the crop and my ass is stinging. i want to ask for more but we both know the rain puts us in a different space. pain is not the focus today. the current is paramount.

your fingers interlace mine as you climb behind me and slide inside me to the hilt. there is a moment of adjustment for both of us. me partially because i have to keep my head and upper torso at this downward angle otherwise i’ll hurt myself and you because you know i want you to hurt me just like this and you aren’t ready to do so. fingers are so gentle, they match the pace you’ve started and that creates a low moan in my throat. your hands leave mine and start moving over the skin that is warm and excited to feel your caress. my thighs, my ass, my back, my throat are all touched in kind and my mind is flooded with pleasure and the words again making love in the rain, i can’t believe the joy it brings me. you only slightly increase your pace, choosing to focus more on deep penetration than speed at the moment. your hand yanks my hair back and i whimper at its suddeness but my body just opens up to you as it always does. the pressure building inside me is so wonderful, thank heavens for the rain.

it isn’t long before my hands are free and you are beneath me. i use my hands to brace myself momentarily as you sink inside me and we begin rocking together. i play with my hair and neck as you grab and twist my nipples. i shudder as your thumb massages my clit and i float off into a lovely orgasm. you see my eyes glaze over and flip me over onto my back. your arm pulls me to you and forces that arch in my back i do so enjoy. your mouth journeys between my breasts and neck leaving me covered in bites and hickies and providing me with a lovely sensation of being devoured again. your thrusting intensifies and my hips are rushing to meet yours. the rain is coming down in sheets now and whatever sounds may have left my lips are being drowned out by that noise. you kiss me deeply and roughly, i know that we are both close to the edge and i do so enjoy the feeling. you focus on pulsing throb inside me and i am crying for the sheer wonder of pleasure washing over me again, that current–the circuit that keeps us connected. i lick and suck your neck as you have done to mine over and over again. you moan in an almost guttural way in my ear and that sends me over the cliff. you respond to the tugging from deep inside me by filling me with your seed. the rain is the only thing that is heard for a while. our breathing, is ragged and takes a while to return to normal. are you happy sir? “yes, girl i am,” you whisper in my ear. i smile the smile i always do when you tell me i have pleased you. you kiss me again and i wrap my arms around you, happy to have you with me, still lodged inside me. i drift off after you bite my neck again and lay your head next to mine. the sound of the rain, your breathing and the song soothe me as i fall asleep never happier for wet weather making love in the rain, i can’t believe the joy it brings me.

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  1. sorry jo, don’t cry, it’s more of an extrapolation based on conversations we’ve had, we’ll see one another soon and whatever is reported won’t be a fantasy

  2. So intense…I know I’ll be replaying the images evoked by your story every time I find myself in the midst of a wonderful storm. šŸ™‚

    I”m looking forward to returning often and exploring my own sexuality through the unique perspective you offer and the play you enjoy so much.


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