my brain hurts

well not so much hurts but it’s being bombarded by things and people. because of one of the boards that i visit i have been getting approached by a few single Doms looking for a good sub. that’s all right and good and since i haven’t been collared to date they are well within their rights to approach me. and i am well within mine to ignore them. i am trying to introduce them to other single subs or Dommes (as the case may be one guy is digging the idea of switching roles) to no avail. i’ve actually been trying to match up people all over the place. one of my ex’s that keeps proposing is maybe getting attached to a friend out of state. not sure what will happen there but if they met and fell in love and got married and had babies i’d be eternally grateful.

i talked to my brother and he is doing well as is his wife. that’s very lovely for me. i adore the happy marriedness about them. it gives me hope and makes me smile. i talked to my girlfriend tonight and she was doing well, drunk off her butt and missing pillar but she was doing well. and for that i am happy as well. it’s been a long week and she was allowed to decompress most of it. with a glitch here or there she made it through relatively unscathed. the rest of the blogland is experiencing upheavals here and there. hugs to taylor and all those that need it in the subverse and the bdsm community at large. i have spoken sporadically to lots of folks today and maybe that’s why my head is throbbing right now. i’ll be posting something here eventually for a male friend who had a horrible weekend with a woman who was unsure about what she wanted and put him through changes as a result. there is nothing wrong with not knowing what you want. just don’t drag other people into your confusion. it’s unfair to them and whomever they deal with RIGHT after you. my mother while not annoying was just a little taxing this evening.

i sealed up letters to Roaming Soldier, i think i mentioned that earlier but if not ha ha now ya know. due to the heightened security surrounding most bases right now he won’t be getting them anytime soon. he would prefer they not be read and fondled before he got a chance to fondle the pages himself lol. ahh i guess you figured it out that we spoke tonight too. not entirely too long but long enough to make each other giggle about random things. he said a very daddy like thing and i couldn’t help but smile. and by that i mean he said something that just made me think of my father. which may have annoyed the crap out of me or made me go running for cover had i met him a few years ago but daddy was a good man even with all of his issues. they weren’t ones that typically interfered with our relationship but i do have to be aware of them. as for Roaming Soldier, well he and i have just fallen into an easy rhythm with one another that i like. and all of his daddy like qualities make me very at ease with him. i could definitely use him now to help get rid of this blasted headache. nothing like a good endorphin rush to help alleviate an ache or pain. small break for what can only be described as “Learning math with your Dom.”

after a brief discussion about the Littlest Soldier’s desire to avoid all math homework, i smart assly replied (and i know assly is not a word)—no one should like math unless they are getting spanked. RS’s reply–“4 paddles and a riding crop, equal fun” followed not long after something else that just made me want to kidnap him immediately. and no i won’t be sharing that piece but it just expaned on the mathematical enjoyment that a attentive Dom can bring to His sub. between the tylenol i took and just thinking happy things because i spoke to him tonight my headache is beginning to dull. the next post i make will probably venture off into sugasm territory lol.

see ya

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