lazy day in bed

so i have been doing nothing all day. i went to bed very late and i woke up late as a result. nothing particularly wrong with that but it’s made me not want to get out of bed. my dreams were dull and left a lot to be desired. i did finish a letter to Roaming Soldier and i am in the process of making dinner but other than that haven’t done a whole lot. i’m lounging around half-naked. and for some reason i am just now recognizing i didn’t submit anything to sugasm this week. it was kind of a dull week and i directed all of my sexual frustration into killing kittens and into a letter to RS. my brain has just been occupied i guess and nothing of overt sexual longing has spilled forth in the last seven days. i won’t force it today but i’m feeling more ummm inspired as it were today. no good reason for that other than i want to be elsewhere doing other things than just pecking away here.

i have been playing that game that cuddleslut won’t mention all day. i have figured out the trick to making some of the ideas i want to drop. if i can exploit that for a few more days then i should be able to pull off my request for certain ideas at the ridiculous price i was willing to pay for them. i can’t get one to drop and i don’t know if that is because the blogs in them just haven’t been updated or if i am just not playing fast enough to catch them. i’m also on an artefact gathering expedition. i really should stop as i don’t need any more money but flipping the blogs for 350 million at a pop is entirely too much fun.

hold on gotta check on dinner. okay potatoes will be done soon and then it’s time for baked chicken and mashed potatoes. i don’t know if i mentioned this before, i probably did at some point, but 30 has made me want to start nesting. i’m not sure if that is because the age itself has made me want to be more stable or if my mother moving in has made me desperately need someone to balance me out but i am in full on nesting mode. and it’s not even that i’m off some life plan i had for myself. i abandoned that puppy after i left HS boyfriend but it is on my mind to be more relationship focused as of late. Roaming Soldier makes that not seem like some distant far off dream. taking care of him and the Littlest Soldier would provide at least a piece of the balance i’m looking for. i’m sure the rest will just come with getting acclimated to having bodies in my house and to looking forward to sharing my dreams and their lives with. i’ve had good friends around for a while but i’m making new ones who i consider near and dear as my life moves forward in the lifestyle. i’m looking forward to the possibilities again. the situation is forcing patience which is a good thing, well except for the kitten population. i’ll finish dinner and be back. it won’t be lazy day in bed part two but what it will cover is beyond me.

love ya

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