a quickie before bed

this won’t be long. i should be sleeping at this point. my body is still all tingly though so i have to write this and then finish something else so i can go to sleep. it’s been a hectic week, sped by and what not, and i have been keyed up since it started. tonight i was bidding a few kittens good-bye and before i knew it my im window burst open and Roaming Soldier inserted himself into the moment. well not literally even though that would have been lovely but when he asked what i was doing and told me to be honest i did lol. if he was caught off guard he didn’t let me know and we discussed it briefly before we even more briefly broached the Dom/sub relationship emerging for us. it was nice and since he didn’t tell me to stop well i didn’t while we talked. for some reason that didn’t speed the process to a conclusion and actually delayed it for nearly 20 minutes after he signed off. ahh he does make me smile. okay bedtime ladies and gents, i’ll post more tomorrow/today i’m sure.


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