absentminded meanderings

okay i’m not sure how long this will be. the last few posts have been whoppers of output for me. i have never really am that verbose really. unless i’m having a nice naked daydream about someone and then my brain gets overactive and my fingers take on a mind of their own. i am a little bit tired but not so much so that i am lying comfortably in my bed and the rain is falling ever so gently on my windows. it makes me very calm and daydreamy. i enjoy the feeling.

i enjoy lots of things these days lol. primarily i’m enjoying being wanted, right now we are enjoying a slowly burgeoning friendship. each new communication makes me grin and be excited about possibilities. last night after i finally left blog land i got a quick communique from the Roaming Soldier. nothing too deep and nothing that would commit us to one another for the rest of our natural lives. just short and sweet and smile inducing. i’d say i was blushing but as green latern notes i’m entirely too dark to blush and someone notice lol, i’d have to redden at best. but i redden quite a bit as we talk to each other more. we have each other’s attention for the moment and that is nice. plus Night Owl is polite enough to entertain my silliness and give me random information/or requested information lol.

RS is aware of the blog and is happy to be among the topics of discussion. of course he doesn’t have time to read it and really i’m not ready for him to do so anyway. if he becomes He of course he will have access to the blog and may be joining in on the blogging then lol. or he may say honey turn off the laptop and come to bed—and don’t forget the nipple clamps. and i would redden and scamper to shut this damn thing down so i can hand over the dreaded nipple clamps lol. ahh well that’s enough for now. if you haven’t done my johari window yet click the link on the right.

love ya

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  1. lol i’m not sure if my bottom is a delight to behold but thanks for the compliment and thanks for the kind words as well, hope you have a pleasant evening

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