third time’s the charm

okay here’s the last and final post for the day. the first two are ones that will be permanently on the side bar. this is just my nightly/semi-nightly spill fest. the day was okay. light clients, minimal time with the gyno, haven’t lost or gained any weight, my blood pressure went down again (this is a good thing), minimal drama with mom and got a fresh pedicure—however i hate the woman i’ve ended up with the last few times so it’s time to find a new shop lol.

not to mention today i got the blogfest started with that massive TMI post down below and then a nice synopsis of who in the world is important enough for me to mention, make fun of, cry and or lament about. i also sent the Roaming Soldier one of my sillier emails. hey if i can’t make fun of myself who can i make fun of? i told him about the nice books i found on ebay and my horror of living where i currently live where nothing is ever in the bookstore when i want it. Roaming Soldier has been intrigued by the mention of a story from my childhood, that will be retold in detail should he ever meet my mother, and i have a surprise for him related to that. can’t tell him that yet though as i need to make sure it’s ready and able to be stowed in luggage if i have to go down to the base and molest him. **for the record any use of the word molest by red is not meant in the purest definition of the word. just means i have an overwhelming desire to strip someone naked and commit acts that are potentially criminal depending on your state of residence. okay moving on.**

my life is basically okay. i’d like it if one or two things were a little different but in general i’m healthy, my mother has been behaving the last few days and my patience level has basically returned from sources unknown. as i mentioned before i still ponder what switched off so quickly with former him but that is often quickly replaced by hmm what should i eat for lunch, wonder how tired Roaming Soldier is, i hope Night Owl is doing okay and crap where did all these bills come from. oh and my newest worry, what is she doing with my dissertation damn it i’m ready to graduate. i have till mid april but i hate delaying things. i am in need of a full body massage in the worst way. so lovely is what i’m saying. that may just have to wait till RS is free but we might get distracted with the wax, rope and clamps lol. ahh well, if you can believe this i am actually tired of talking lol.

see ya later

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  1. I appreciate your revelations about you, your significant others and where your mind is. None of this is too much information in my opinion.

    I wish you a wonderful evening.

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