something must be in the air

i have been really happy for the last few days. i miss Roaming Soldier and yes i still miss Emperor a bit. mainly our silly conversations and friendship but yeah that may come back eventually. right now i am truly enjoying RS and the reddening. it’s GREAT (as tony the tiger used to say, whatever happened to tony by the way?)!!! and i am really enjoying thinking of myself as cute and flirty again. the nice man at my job was flirting with me this morning and a month ago i probably would have ignored him but hey nothing is wrong with a little flirting. we flirted then i went to lunch with a co-worker.

my clients were funny but not as interesting as the ones on monday are. that is just a priceless caseload on monday so i can’t really judge anyone else against them. it’s a good fun job and i’m enjoy it most of the time. when i don’t then i try to sleep it off or daydream about getting drunk or having weird monkey sex in the office with Roaming Soldier. okay that’s a strange description for it but just some intensely sweaty, damaging of furniture, ransacking a box of condoms sex. god i’m horny lol. and horny isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it is when the object of your desire is so far away and preoccupied. however, he is thinking about me and about hurting me so i guess it all balances out. we have yet to compare notes on the lusty thoughts but if they remotely match up both of us will be beyond spaced out and happy.

i am missing being tied up a lot. i am missing being owned. it sort of feels like i’ve been going through withdrawal not referring to anyone as Master or Sir at least not in formal or serious way. i have jokingly said yes sir to RS often but it’s just in the course of conversation and we haven’t tried to advance things along that pathway yet. i think we’re both eager to do so but it’s not the right time. not sure when it will be but i am happily looking forward to seeing how we vibe together in that fashion. i am also, of course, not going too far afield because no matter how adorable we might find one another if his daughter doesn’t like me so much then RS and i will just have to enjoy flirting. even if he wouldn’t feel prone to back off (and i think he would), i definitely wouldn’t feel comfortable because his daughter is still too young to be forced into relationships with people she doesn’t like. as a teenager, you can usually just say well as long as dad/mom are happy i’m just gonna get over it eventually. at six, that doesn’t work nearly as well. she’s still young enough to like me and allow me a place in both her and his life. no need to worry about that at the moment though. for now i’ll just await his next email and my next chance to smile profusely and then to send him back something equally silly in return.

slightly off tangent, since RS is away laboring at the nice base in basic training my naturally inclined letter writing self has remerged. i probably won’t write often as we still are able to stay in contact via email but i am one of those folks that still likes writing letters. some will be short, some will be silly, some one will lamenting life and still others will be professing love and adoration—well those are the topics i tend to cover with friends and family when i write. i have no idea what i would send to RS but i’m sure silly and flirty will fall into place. he can’t receive a whole lot for the next few weeks so we’ll see what he is allowed and go from there. let’s just say the first of six weeks is done. and both he, i as well as Night Owl and pillar will be overjoyed in five weeks. if for no other reason than i get to make a big meal and they get to eat it lol. speaking of which Night Owl is holding up well, at least to me, all things considered. she is being a good friend and only makes fun of me minimally when i do my random happy dance when i hear from RS lol. and she helps me process those random moments when Emperor is on my brain for what they are and then remind me that RS is there and waiting for what the future holds for us. all of us lol. i can’t predict what that may be but i am really enjoying my life (and the flirting) right now.

see ya all later,

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