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figured out the some lol. the tag will remain below but i figured it’s easier to ramble up here than making you all scroll to the bottom. i am happy which is why this will come at random to most of you. i’m not sure what to do here. i have attempted to be my version of patient lol. it’s not always the most effective thing but it’s what i can do. i adore Emperor i really do but infrequent communication is not working for me today. i’ve been trying to do better, be better for Him and it’s kept me calm when i otherwise might be throwing a tantrum. in the last month i’ve heard from Him three times. i know what’s the big deal you are long distance after all? it’s not a big deal to anyone but me and i just want more than i’m getting now. primarily because i wasn’t always this detached from Him and that is probably what is causing me the most distress at the moment. ahh distress, pshh tosh i know. it’s a sub’s job to be there for her Dom and to suffer some unsettling moments as He so desires, right. it is i guess but today my nerve endings are frayed and i really just want to hear His voice. sorry started crying for a minute there. He wants what He wants and i think i want something more. without talking to Him i can’t be certain but i can’t talk to Him if He doesn’t call back. i’m frustrated again for certain. i just don’t know what the next move is for a change. i’m sure things will look better eventually but what i’ll be looking at then i am totally unsure of.

okay enough

1. Have you had three-way or group sex? Yes

2. Have you had sex during menstruation? Yes, but I hated it

3. Have you had a sexual experience with someone of the same gender? Yes

4. Have you had sex in your parent’s home? Yep lol I got started early and that’s where my bed was

5. Have you had hot interracial sex? Umm no lol

6. Have you masturbated in front of another person? Frequently.

7. Have you had sex in a public place? Yes, the park was fun

8. Have you been filmed or photographed having sex? Yep, have destroyed the evidence though

9. Have you had anal sex? Yep, didn’t like it till recently though

10. Have you masturbated today? No but I probably will

11. Have you had sex in a car? Yes

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  1. Well… red velvet… three communications in a month?? Shout!! I don’t know how you make it… to stay calm!!! I’ll be out of my mind and probably only after one day without at least one message!!!
    When He is on business trip, I know He can’t write often… but after work, I expect to have a time together… Humm… I’m being a bit judgemental, as I don’t know what is the cause of that lack of communication… but I di understand that it is not a good thing for you… and I wouldn’t like to have to wait like that…;-((

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