cuffed for your pleasure

first i have to thank sk for the new little quiz thingy. it was very funny and the handcuffs are too perfect. click for your own name acronym.

Ravishing Exciting Dame Vigorously Exchanging Lustful Vibrations and Erotic Touches

anyhoo, the morning is about seven steps beyond dull. i would much rather be back in my bed doing absolutely nothing but relaxing and then crunching some numbers i need for a report. i hate that i have let myself get so behind, it drives me nuts, but i am determined to finish all of it this month so i can put it behind me. it will also make Emperor happy, i hope lol, as He likes it when i do things that make me seem all intelligent and what not. of course i am a smart ass but i have to let go of that for JUST a little longer and get over this hurdle like immediately.

other than that nothing much is going on right now. i tracked my frederick’s order and if all goes well it will be here between thursday and saturday. if not then it will arrive on tuesday and frustrate the hell out of me. i don’t need any of the things right now most assuredly but if i suddenly get the urge to fly back to the midwest and seem Him i’d like to be properly attired. at this point i have several outfits He likes but these are partially for me and partially for Him. plus i want to see how the corset fits and if i can withstand waist training in the future. it’s not something He requested at all but i love the overexagerrated femininity that is created by corsets. as i will never be flat chested again i might as well over accent the top half and reduce the middle some more. besides i like my breasts A LOT and anything that draws attention to them in private makes me happy. oh well, that’s enough for now.

see ya

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