okay, i feel better now

thanks for the comments ladies. they were very helpful and nope we haven’t talked today either but i tend to feel better after a good vent and cry. that’s what i did last night during that post and i feel like a weight is off of my back. i haven’t made any massive strides or decisions about the world at large. i’m just in a better mind state this evening and i am glad about it. nothing is going on in my subbie brain tonight that needs to be elaborated on. in a few days there may be more news on this topic or may not. i’ll be back tomorrow of course lol and will probably be on a whole different tangent. oh and my frederick’s of hollywood order showed up 5 days early. i’m so tickled lol.

eta: so i’ve been playing with the corset since i quit typing. seeing the bindings have just made me go YIPPPPPPEEE. sidra, before she left blogland, sent me a link to a site called badattitude.com. their corsets are great, just out of my budget right now. plus i wanna get rid of the tummy so that when i am strapped in it just makes my chest look even more enormous than it already does now. i got it in red, of course lol, now but if i like it i’ll be buying it in either white or black later. i’m a happy, happy girl.

2 thoughts on “okay, i feel better now”

  1. Would love to see a pic of you in that red corset!!! I love corsets and got 3 very different in style… my favorite is made of rubber… but as I took weight since I got it and it was custom made… I just can’t use it anymore…;-(((

  2. aww sorry about your corset, as soon as i can figure out how tightly i can lace it up i’ll try to snap a few shots, or maybe Emperor will so the photos won’t look completely bizarre

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