i am wired and i don’t know why

it’s amazing what a good cry does for the system. i was tired and stressed, and i’m still a little of both right now, when i wrote the tagged + some post (see below). and i was feeling both mentally and emotionally exhausted truthfully. i got a good cry in as i was writing that post and as i went to bed and then woke up and have been feeling great ever since. i’m not even too perturbed by the fact that i’m on call this upcoming long weekend of that i have no immediate plans with Emperor. our situation is what it is and i am not going to be depressed about it today at least lol. i cannot wait till saturday night, after my running around is officially done so i can slip into the corset and see how it fits. after that i’m going to step on the scale that i hopefully bought and can sit down and be still for a minute so that i can figure out when and how i’m gonna get rid of my tummy. i’ll hook up the dvd player to the living room tv and maybe bust out the carmen electra strippersize dvds lol. yes it’s cheesy but she’s got trampy down and if i can get in shape and learn a nice twirl for Emperor what’s the harm? i really am feeling a little like i need to go run around and do something productive after work but literally save cleaning up my room (not gonna happen by the way) there is nothing i need to do. maybe i’ll go home and read one of my sub books. hmm, i really don’t know? y’all be good.

love ya

2 thoughts on “i am wired and i don’t know why”

  1. Just do what your body will tell you…;-)) Enough frustrations….;-))

    My own suggestions… A hot bath with bubbles, or essence oils, or whatever herv tea will make you feel calm and lovely… a book you enjoy… a glass of wine, or whatever would please your taste… incense, candles, nice music to your hears…
    A nice slow and sensual soaping… rinsing… yes, play with the shower head…;-))
    Drying yourself slowly, feeling the cold of the water… the warmth of the towel… some sexy underwears or bedtime lingerie… something to make you feel sexy and irresistible, in red… in bed, TV on… if there is something there you like to watch… some toys and many cushions… please yourself red velvet… you deserve it, and need it… ;-))
    Hummm.. feeling a bit as a top there.. but I wish you’ll do it anyway…. just for the relaxation that will follow…;-))

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