oh happy day, oh happy day

okay not sure if any of you remember that song. the last time i saw it the kids were singing it in sister act 2 but i think the first time i saw it was during the final scenes of the wiz, not to be confused with the wizard of oz because well all the folks in the wiz were Black and diana ross and michael jackson still seemed normal (but looked eerily alike then). no particular reason why that song was rushing through my head either. i’m just happy.

work was tiring. tiring in a way that i haven’t been in a while. predominantly just because it’s been a long week. but i left work and got my hair washed and set. i’m feeling terribly girly at the moment even though i’m sure something will happen to make that not the case quickly. but while i was there i was flipping through a magazine and found a movie that i loved as it came out was rereleased because of the 15th anniversary of his release date. i LOVE the five heartbeats. if you have never seen it and like old motown kinda stuff you should definitely see it. i can hear them singing, i got nothing but love for you baby right now. and it came with a bonus cd so of course i had to order it when i came home because wally world didn’t have it when i went in. i’ll pick it up sometime tomorrow.

sometime this evening i am going to pin up the bouncy hair and sink into my bath junkie bubbles. it’s time and i have most definitely earned it after this week. i have to take an organization picture tomorrow and then cart momma around before i’m back here to watch my dvd and hear them sing all loud cause i’m blasting it. there’s a secret i’m harboring for the moment lol. if something comes of it i’ll let you all know.

love ya

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