it’s the rope’s sesquicentennial post

or in other words welcome to post 150 from your mouthy patroness, red velvet. i was turning eleven the year texas turned 150. as i was born and (mostly)raised there i figured that picture would serve quite nicely as my 150th post marker. instead of double posting today if i need to add to this later you will just see the standard ETA (edited to add) at the conclusion of this post. don’t have anything special planned for the day. i’ll be getting off early and taking my mother to get her nails done. and then i will be taking us both home and probably to get some food because i am not going to feel like cooking after all of that.

work is slow but Emperor is happy so that is all good in the grand scheme of things. i really wanna go to bed now. wow thus far this post is quite dull lol. i spent more time looking for the photo than i did typing this. so either i’m typing too fast or i really don’t have anything to say right now lol. guess i’ll be back to edit it later on. y’all have a good one.

ETA: okay today was boring as hell but being out with my mother and letting her enjoy the city was good. we did our nails, i got my pedi thank the Lord, and then we went shopping and out to dinner. all in all some good time together out and about but of course i’m tired.

Emperor is still very happy and i am glad about that. when i came home and was finally holed up in my room i could open the package from the sub-shop and play with the toys i bought. i REALLY REALLY REALLY like the crop. it makes the most delightful noise whirling through the air. the other toys are equally impressive. i love the sub-shop i swear. and they are having a sale, 30 percent off of all bondage gear in case you were wondering.

i am horny damn it. i wanna go see Emperor. but since i can’t i’ll have to kill a kitten and call it a night.

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  1. I don’t agree about you buying toys, even if I know well that they have to be ‘private’ and not use on anyone else… Here, it is Him who buy those… and I considere those as mine… If ever we come apart, He will have to see me burning all of them, or leaving them intact here….
    I came very upset once with Him, in our first months, when He used some lubricant from His own stuff, that was used with another woman not long from then… Oh my God… how to stop a romantic evening??? That’s one of the best for me.. as I asled and got the answer… Grrrr…
    So… when is your next RT encounter??? I’m dying for it for you…;-((

  2. ahh jo but these are for a surprise for Him. if i told Him what to get, well His brain functions like mine so He’d figure it out instantly and that would spoil it for me lol. working out our schedules right now but i think i’ll be disappearing again soon to see Him.

  3. Gawd help me, but just the word “crop” gets me salivating. Out of the four toys I bought for Rush months ago, that’s the one we both thought would be the least used, and so far it’s right up there with the cane. He loves it, and Him loving it makes me love it. We had to cancel the paddle though after two months of backorder šŸ™

    And Jo — I agree with you in theory. I’m not permitted to touch Rush’s toys. BUT because of our situation, I have to be the one ordering them, and they have to stay here at my place. Heaven help us if His wife found a crop at their house LOL. I’m still waiting for the day She stumbles across the how-to caning manual He keeps in His car.

    *wanders off thinking about finding a kitten or two*

  4. Yeah.. Crop isn’t that bad… Much better than an horrible strap I met once… Arghhhh!!! I’m not into pain… and that was in the beginning too… I almost fought Him back…LOLOLOL… No, it wasn’t funny…. I was more than pissed off… because I had ask before if He wanted to really hurt me but He said no… and I trusted Him… Ouch!!!
    But, He knows right now that I need a lot of ‘preparation’ to go there…

  5. I think a crop is excellent for precision work. I can leave a very nice design with one.

    It is also excellent for stroking up thighs and over vaginal lips.

    I have a flogger, a crop and a bull whip that are in use now. The bull whip is a tool in waiting. I practice with it out in the yard but it has yet to touch flesh.

    It is interesting that I see these things as tools while all of you see them as toys.

    Think that one over ladies…. *grin*

    Has anyone noticed a shortage of kittens lately?

  6. I forgot to say congratulations on making 150!

    And if you are ever up late and are unable to fall asleep. Look for me online Yahoo – jonathan_h05

    I would enjoy just chatting a bit.

    Be well girl.

  7. lol they are toys for us i would imagine because they end up making us happy. tools are for a task which is why you might think of them that way. either way everyone ends up smiling lol and thanks for the congrats. the next time my insomnia fit hits i’ll look you up.

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