being good is easy, good @ being bad is an art

okay so this post will ramble and may include bitching, moaning, bragging or somehow lusting after Emperor. you have been warned so if you keep reading and it takes ten minutes of your life do not blame me lol.

despite all my bemoaning of my fate to have my mother moving in, things really aren’t that bad. now that she has a room that is good and set up she actually uses it and leaves me alone more than she did before. the togetherness was driving us both nuts mainly because i really am a home body and my mother, much like my brother, is the exact opposite. we’re getting into a beter rhythm with one another and she is learning that when i wanna come out of my “shell” and play nice i will but when i don’t it’s best to let me sit and be still. the shopping spree made me exhausted but it’s better now than later and best of all no more snoring lol.

i am officially off call right now. i dropped off the emergency phone and got to meet new adorable children who once again made me want some for nanoseconds. the crying, colic, shots, germs, snot, vomit, poopy diapers and general irritable disposition from time to time just makes me say yeah no not right now. but i am 30 so i want to have them sooner than later. but i also want to travel the world, be tied to furniture in lots of exotic locales and become an indispensible little pet to Emperor. you know those rare moments when the world seems good and life feels right and nothing could ever feel better than this precise piece of time? that’s what i’m having at 1:42 pm central standard time. i haven’t talked to Emperor in days but i’m not insecure or irate or irritable about that. yes i know minor progress but for me progress nonetheless. and i am allowing myself to develop in all areas of my life in addition to our life on this path. over the last week i bought things to make me feel all cute and girly as well as some things that will make Emperor blush at least momentarily. i made the last purchase last night–wireless vibrating nipple clamps. the last story i wrote for Him had them incorporated so i figured i might as well take it and run with it. one of us or hell both of us will be enjoying the contradiction of sensations quite soon.

i love this moment and i love Him. i’ve come off that natural subbie high to stop gushing about Him in that oh my God He’s the love my life kind of way. i love Him deeply. He makes very happy and i hope that i do the same thing for Him. that way i can keep dreaming about the next time His hand will caress my cheek, smack my ass, or wrap rope around my wrists and ankles. or the next time His voice whispers the develish things He has in store for me now that i’m completely helpless and unable (hell screw the unable, i wouldn’t want to anyway lol) to escape Him. i miss Him greatly and i cherish all that He has brought to my life. i love my mother and am glad she is okay and with me and will get to know Him eventually. i love my family and am very proud of them. now at 1:55 pm central standard time i am still in love with my life and those people. yep things are good lol.

be blessed

You’re Babar the King!

by Jean de Brunhoff

Though your life has been filled with struggle and sadness of late,
you’re personally doing quite well for yourself. All this success brings responsibility,
though, and should not be taken lightly. Life has turned from war to peace, from damage
to reconstruction, and this brings a bright new hope for everyone you know. These hopeful
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You’re Nevada!

People are constantly mispronouncing your name, and this has provided you
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and cards to sporting events. There is almost nothing you aren’t willing to lay down a
wager on, and others seek you out for advice on their own wagers. You don’t take marriage
terribly seriously, though you are one of its biggest proponents. Far too often these
days, others are mistaking you for an industrial-strength garbage bag.

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You’re a Llama!

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bast, egyptian goddess
Who is Your Inner Egyptian Goddess

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You’re like a Dragon!

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the dragon is one my tattoos incidentally lol

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