basking in silliness

okay i thoroughly enjoyed seeing my 150 up all day and what not. i got off early today because i had a doctor’s appointment. there was nothing wrong. just going in my girly checkup and to get something to help mitigate the pain i’m in over that special time of the month. my doctor was very cute but her voice would drive me nuts. she wants to do one more checkup to make sure that there is nothing wrong with my organs and is causing the pain i’m in. sounds scary huh? for some reason i’m not that worried. the worst she could say is hey red you can’t have babies. it would be traumatic and what not but unless Emeperor was desperate to have kids with His pet i think i’d get over it. if He needed that then of course i’d be a puddle but that’s not likely to be the case. something wrong with my organs that is lol. save the pain, everything functions as it should on a regular basis. it would probably function better if it got its daily or weekly dose of Emperor but hey a girl can be patient lol.

i am blessed to have god friends and to know good people who keep me giggling. for the next hour or so i’m going to make fun of my mother and beat her at monopoly lol. i’ll maybe be back to edit this but if not hope everyone is well.

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  1. Happy belated sesquicentennial!!

    I’ve wondered how often you get to be with The Emperor and how far apart you are… if it’s none of my business (and it isn’t, really, but I’m curious, damn it!)just tell me so, but if you wanna share…

    I hope you both enjoy the crop. Personally, I think that crops are evil, but that hasn’t stopped me from buying M three different kinds since we’ve been together!! M likes ’em, and I aim to please.

    Take care!

  2. lol we see each other once every few months at this point, not nearly enough for either of us i believe, we’re a day long drive (not 24 hours but most people’s driving capacity about 10-12 hours) apart lol, the crop seems evil but FUN lol

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