apparently i’m mushy or mush like

over the last three or four days, friends that know me as the sarcastically inclined alter ego have been calling me mushy. don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with mushy but that adjective and me should never really be put in the same sentance unless we mean i’m mushy because i’ve orgasmed so many times that i can’t feel anything but warm fuzzy feelings. that i could tolerate but that’s not what they mean. they mean mushy as is in girly and sappy and sentimental and i protest damn it lol. i’m not mushy i’m introspective. this time of year i always take stock of my life to date. this year i am happy. happier than i’ve been in a while.

my last degree is nearly done, praise GOD, and my family is both happy and healthy. the adjustment to life with my mother hasn’t been too traumatic and i am actually cooking dinner on a regular basis. not always the healthiest things but better than eating out. work is good. and then there is Emperor. my sadistic, funny, sarcastic, entertaining Emperor. no things aren’t exactly as i’d like them but what is there makes me entirely too tickled. so yes some of my normal sarcastic outpouring has deteriorated but it will be back i promise lol. just give me a minute and allow a few folks to piss me off i swear i’ll be the evil woman you all know and love. okay evil is a bit much. but you know the sarcastic stuff will be back. oh well that’s enough for now. i am happy and introspective and NOT mushy lol.

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  1. lol thanks both of you. i’d have to grow into mushy. it doesn’t compute into my brain as a personality trait i possess. i am very happy though so i guess if this is the trade off i will just have to be mushy.

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