2600+ hits (wish a few more were on my backside)

2500 hits came and went so quickly i didn’t have time to update you. the rope is inching toward 3000 hits slowly but surely. it makes me happy that everyone is finding something interesting to read. i hope i’m not being too off the map sometimes lol but my brain is a constant jumble of thoughts after work. sorry if i am lol.

i came home and got the honor of cooking dinner after asking the nice old lady living with me what she wanted about seven times. after we ate, i got to wash her hair and then i climbed into bed and slipped on my pjs. yes it was in the wrong order lol. but it was necessary. i then toyed with the items i got from bath junkie today and delighted in the fact that my new clothing selections were shipped by frederick’s yesterday i think. that’s when i got the email anyway. they will be here in about a week at this point. saturday after i finish running her around the city i’m on a self-care break. i need to enjoy my bath crystals or bubble bath or bath oil in peace and a bit of quiet. i think i’ll play cds during that time.

and i will dream of Emperor. i will daydream about Him ordering me into the tub to prepare myself for Him. i will daydream about toweling off after i have gotten all clean and shaved and sufficiently moist for Him. i will wear something skimpy and restricting and put on those lovely fishnet hose He enjoys so much. i’ll strap on those four inch heels i finally stopped eyeing and bought because He was coming to see me. i will kneel next to where He has opted to sit and ask for permission to allow my face to brush His knee. i will sigh heavily because for the most immediate moment nothing else will matter but the person who has the ability to both make me scream in joy and pain and be terribly excited about it. i will sit very still as He ties me up and tells me all the depraved things He will do to me that day and informing me that i will love every minute of it. He’s right of course. i do enjoy the pain, not only because He enjoys giving it to me but hey i just as easily could have been named pain slut. back to my daydream though. i will wince and squirm as He fastens the nipple clamps to my breasts. i will wonder what possessed me to put on this corset so tightly as my breathing becomes strained under the blows from the crop, whip, flogger and paddle He has carefully removed from the toy chest. my body will betray me, only getting more mellow and needy as He runs His fingers over the nice welts He has created on my backside. i will crave Him until He pushes me over the edge of the chair or table or sofa or up against the wall and takes what He wants from me–roughly, repeatedly and with no thoght to any possibility of resistance from His pet. and we’ll be back in the shower and i’ll clean Him up and dry Him off before i make His dinner and sit at His side again. yep that’s what i’ll be thinking about during my bubble bath.

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  1. lol i have an overactive imagination and a busy Dom, it gives a girl loads of time to fantasize about these things. but i hope you get to sink into one of those nice daydreams soon too.

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