ok t minus four hours and thirty minutes…..

then i will start getting my FIRST birthday calls. my mother will be disappointed again because as my friends don’t sleep now they always beat her to my first happy birthday of the year lol. of course i may be alseep by then so i can just get on the road early and be in memphis before lunch but that’s unlikely. since i don’t have to run by my office i am going to sleep as late as possible and miss rush hour traffic. i got contacted by another ex who was disappointed he’d miss me while i was in town but oh damn well. i ain’t coming for you. i do have a nice Dom’ly person that takes care of all my emotional and physical needs—don’t need the single men folks around right now. more than that i don’t want them.

i am still delightfully happy. i hope to stay this way for as long as humanly possible. while i saw five clients today and barely felt like i got a chance to breathe i am also glad that i think some good work was done today and will continue to be done with the ones i will keep seeing. my life is good and for once i am not waiting for the other shoe to drop. that may still occur but no need to overthink my happiness right now. Emperor said He might have to bite me after i told Him that i had purchased a scent i knew He liked. ummm biting….drool….and i finally remembered to tell Him about the fussing He was doing at me while fucking me on His desk. okay this shouldn’t make me smile probably but i giggled loudly when He told me that He liked fussing at me but that He was also quite fond of me lol. i love Him clearly lol. He’ll be on my shopping list when i go out next week and get all of my gifts in one fell swoop. His gift will go in with hadrian until we see each other again (which i am hoping is soon, keep your fingers crossed lol).

ok i’m gonna have a retardedly girly moment and i’d rather do it offline lol. know that red is happy and healthy and blissful and she smells sensational (that for her by narciso rodriguez is the TRUTH–go sniff it).

love ya all

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2 thoughts on “ok t minus four hours and thirty minutes…..”

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope it was a great one.
    Details, please!!


  2. fingers are crossed for you darl. hopefully you’ll see Him soon. enjoy the x-mas shopping.


    lionette xox

    ps: am back – made my first post tonight

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