me, the princess, hadrian and Emperor

ok me and the little princess bear have been enjoying the sleepy time on a nightly basis. she’s adorable and quit shedding her glitter on me every night. hadrian is feeling a little neglected i would imagine. he misses his Daddy as i do but what can you do about that lol. off tangent a moment. i hate my apartments. the dwelling itself is fine, more than adequate but the stupid management has changed three times since i moved in. the trash dumpsters are almost always over flowing and the cable goes out at least once a month. i’m glad it’s back on now because had i been subjected to another night of the preview channel on EVERY damn channel i would have had to cut someone.

i am still terribly perky as you can tell. i’m enjoying my rapid ascent towards thirty and it will be a lovely day (lovely day lovely day lovely day) because i will 1) be out of this town, 2) be with my girlfriends whom i love dearly and 3) because i get to celebrate me and that is never a bad thing. i of course would be overjoyed to see my Emperor but ehh me and the princess will be okay. we will get toasty drunk and eat up on some good food and lay around relieving old memories and making new ones. i have decided i’m going to go find a new coat before the month is over and since memphis has much better shopping than here i might do that when i’m up there. shoes and a coat would be lovely to bring back.

how the grinch stole christmas is on now so i’m distracted lol. i just wanted to check in. i’m sending out good vibes into the subverse and i hope that all is well with everyone. if you don’t see me in a few days just assume i am having a blast and i’ll update you when i get back in town.

see ya

6 thoughts on “me, the princess, hadrian and Emperor”

  1. My cable goes out every single f’ing day. Adelphia is the worst.

    I love the new template btw! I hope you have a very happy birthday, Velvet.

  2. lol i wish i could blame adelphia, it is JUST the bootleg building, we can’t get regular cable because of their sattelite set up. thanks for the birthday wishes and the template is adorable to me too, thanks for the compliment.

  3. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Reeeeee-e-e-edddd! Happy birthday to you! (imagine being sung offkey with a dorky little dance by an ample-tooshed girl)


  4. thanks for the birthday wishes ladies, 5 hours and 30 minutes till i officially leave my 20s. doing my happy dance imagining donkey singing at the end of shrek and shrek 2 lol. have fun wherever you are.

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