apparently i’m the matrix lol

see the test below to explain the title. anyhoo, i went to bed happy (well mostly happy i would have been thrilled to be woken from a sound sleep and as i yawn i hear “a relax your tongue” as my gag is slid in) and i woke up happy and without much incident. i am terribly clumsy and have the bruises to show for it lol and i didn’t go back to bed long just a few catnaps before i was dressed and out of the door. of course i hate morning traffic but i get off early today so what can ya do? my ten forgot her appointment now if my 11 will just cancel then i’ll be free to do paperwork (or not) till i am scheduled to leave the office this afternoon. that probably means long lunch for red but woo woo lol.

Master Enigma gave me a lovely compliment on the last post in that he enjoyed the reality of my blog. i am much appreciative of that. but as i’m also quite silly allow me to make the following remarks as well. i have yet to master the art of not putting my true self forward. i can hold things back but the longer someone knows me the easier it is to see that who i am in one spot is who i am in another. basically i love reality and what i share with you and Master Enigma and Emperor is really just me. complete goofball, enamored of that aforementioned Emperor, who is a wee bit of a hypersexual pet, and has been accused of trying to kill a number of men because my appetite was out of control at one point. i’m better now, well mostly, and don’t require nearly the amount of stimulation i used to. and what i like now is definitely about seven times more intense than what worked for me in the past. ok super girly moment in……

all right remember the nightmare? of course you do i’ve been talking about it for days now lol. well as i mentioned in last night’s post i told Emperor about it and He was equally stunned that my imagination had taken us there figuratively. as i was recounting why i felt bad in the dream though i mentioned His son seeming to like me so much and He said something very mundane but it made me blush anyway (i’m blushing now as i type it lol). anyhoo, He said, “I can see My son liking you a lot. I like you a lot.” or something to that effect and yes i blushed all over the place. after all the ick of the dream all i will really keep on my brain for as long as possible is that comment. i hope to NEVER see it played out in reality but yeah that made me grin a wee bit. we are making plans to see each other again, soon i hope, but again the coordination of schedules is a bear. i’d love to ring in the new year together but i’m on call and me Emperor and my mother does NOT sound like a good time at casa del red. i mean we could lock ourselves in my bedroom or get a hotel room but she’d just keep calling if we left the premises. ahh well regardless of when it happens know that today red is quite happy and of course quite horny and as soon as my last errand for the day is over i might have to dispatch of a few more kittens lol.

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4 thoughts on “apparently i’m the matrix lol”

  1. I just realised that I haven’t mentioned that your new template looks FABULOUS! Where was my head? Anyway, it looks great (belated… blame it on Uni.)

  2. thank you and don’t worry about it being belated, compliments are always welcome, the template designer is at the bottom, her name is caz, very cool lady

  3. I used to try to conceal things and assume personas and wear masks. It was all way too much effort and work. Now I just put myself out there.

    I do so in my life and in my blog at

    So if a female masturbates and “kills a kitty” every time. What happens when I or any other male masturbates?

    Do I want to know?

  4. lol i think a kitty just dies everytime anyone masturbates, at least that’s what i got from the picture. but then again there are still a lot of cats around and the men i know used to masturbate a LOT sooo i don’t know if that photo holds any weight for me now.

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