teddy bears, pony tails and Emperor

okay i know some of you were worried. it’s nearly 11 and she still hasn’t posted ROFL. okay so i’ve been distracted lol. i get that way on mondays and before vacations (which i’m having on friday) so you got a doubly distracted delightful submissive. try saying that four times fast. anyhoo i am feeling CHILDISH today. i am happy so that is part of it but really i wanna revert to my footie pajamas, side pony tails and let Emperor tuck me into bed and tell me a naughty bedtime story before ripping off the footie pajamas and fucking the pony tails loose. my distraction has been heightened because we are happily communicating again. and it’s not about anything all that deep it’s just us being easy with each other which has been sorely missed.

we have had the most bizarre of conversations tonight but it made the circuits fire which was nice. beyond that we just giggled and i like that. well mostly i giggled but you get the point. i am happy and horny and unfortunately for the cat population i have been killing kittens for days lol. i want to be tied up and blindfolded right now. i want to spend a long weekend in subspace driven over the edge by that nice strong man i call Emperor. it’s almost like meeting Him for the first time all over again. He made me just light up then and i’m lit up now. i’m just lit up and horny lol. off to kill a kitty.

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  1. I enjoy your blog. The reality of it is a nice read. I can not understand why most people seem to be so reluctant to admit that they masturbate.

    You are refreshing and a delight.

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