late night thoughts

i am going to keep it brief tonight i think. it was a good day. only two of my clients came today, the first and last ones of course. but it was good, i got some work done in the middle. i was able to get in a good smart ass comment to some folks i don’t particularly care for and then i had a blast flirting with Emperor tonight. He nixed the stories, they were “too sappy” lol which they probably were lol. i was feeling horny and sappy so it is probably a mixed bag there. i am working on a new batch now and will let you know how He reacts to those. tomorrow will be massive christmas shopping day and then back to clean and pack since i get off work early. then two more days of meandering work and off to texas for a few days. so there will probably be some more downtime on the velvet rope, can you stand it lol???

i’m catching up on all the posts i missed over the last few days and i’ll be commenting on them soon. be good ladies, sending positive vibes into the subverse.

3 thoughts on “late night thoughts”

  1. nooooooooo – don’t go Red – please don’t leave us alone here on the world-wide-web….


    enjoy texas girl… funnily enough my family from corpus christi are in perth staying with my mummy… (cept i’m here so i don’t even get to meet my nephew!)and it seems like everyone i’ve talked to via msn-sub-den is from texas… what is it with place? is half the world there or something?

    or is it because things are always *ahem* bigger in texas…? lol

    Merry Christmas & if don’t *read* you before then – HAPPY NEW YEARS!


  2. ROFL you are a nut. everything is usually bigger in texas but you know i am biased lol. and we had to flee after the president got elected so that we could still claim some allegiance to it without being directly responsible for the idiocy that has infected the world over the last 5 years. i won’t be gone long. just friday to tuesday. i love the family and all but i love sleeping alone in my bed much more (well unless Emperor is around) after a quick visit. i’ll be around till i hop on the plane and i may drag the laptop with me (brother has wireless connections—so fancy lol) so i can feed my net addiction.


  3. Missed your blog cause I couldn’t accecc it for a few days…Pfff… Happy to see you’re in a very good Holidays mood…;-)) I am too… isn’t wonderful??? LOLOL…
    I wish you a very nice Christmas and a very good vacations time with your family… and will patiently wait for your return…
    Takr care!!!

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