knowing that i am loved (hated, whatever)

okay this part of the piece will be quick. it’s amazing what people tell you quite by accident. apparently i caused a stir somewhere again which must make me smile. i am typically keep not concerned with them in general but i am able to cause a ruckus even when i am not saying a single solitary word. it’s always a big treat for me i must admit.

now as for the other stuff, Emperor and i are doing well. at least as far as i can tell. as i said yesterday i’ll be working on a story for Him that is less sappy and involves much more spanking lol. i am feeling good about our situation in general and i hope that it will stay that way. something has me slightly worried and i want to discuss it but i am not ready to do so just yet. i want to at least try to process it on my own first and then i might be back to vent. at least i’m not teary eyed right now and i don’t expect to be anytime soon but i may be later. well probably not but i need to resolve this issue for myself otherwise i won’t ever be able to handle these little bumps in the road correctly.

moving on, i’ve finished my christmas shopping for the most part. i need to make one final purchase but really it’s over. it was a quick afternoon. my mother and sister in law did the other piece so it will be a quick flight in and out of texas. well i am done rambling. off to process.

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3 thoughts on “knowing that i am loved (hated, whatever)”

  1. Good morning. I just wrote an entry about Japanes sytle bondage – Shibari and when I was done I thought to myself that you might enjoy reading it and perhaps doing it some time. I would appreciate your feedback on the subject.

    Have a great day!

  2. heya red – phone sex operator? damn girl… i got fluffer. i don’t even want to put it on the blog its that depressing.

    pffft… anyways

    TAG you’re IT! the details are on mine.

    lionette xox

  3. thanks for the information Master Enigma it was good to hear from someone actually doing it, i will definitely have to give it a try

    lionette lol fluffers make the porn industry keep moving, wear your fluffdom with pride roflmao, and i have often been accused of being a phone sex operator–who knew lol?

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