i’m feeling a wee bit goofy

okay so i have been telling you all for weeks about the cleaning fairy invading my life and taking over the sprucing up of my place. well she slapped me on the ass yesterday (a major trigger as we all know lol) and made me sort and toss tons of paper and crap in my extra bedrooms so i could prepare for my mother’s move in date. that may be pushed back again (yeah!!!!!!) but we don’t know for certain yet. regardless i spent three hours going from one room to the next making sure that things were properly taking care of. today i’ll wash and finish cleaning up my bedroom, the kitchen and the bathroom and then i can actually invite people into my apartment. it’s not that i haven’t had time to clean before now (this in depthly–is that a word?), i just haven’t had any motivation. Emperor’s visits here keep getting pushed back so i haven’t needed to make some things more presentable. i will go shopping for a few things either right before or after she gets here but since they will be our things i guess she gets a voice too. ahh well, the cleaning fairy will be descending upon one of you shortly so be prepared lol.

me and princess have been sleeping together well for the last few nights. it’s been a glorious thing. i have had a few mood swings because of Emperor but it’s mainly cause i miss Him and let’s face it my current locale is not all that interesting really. it’s pretty to look at but if i had a choice between remaining here and becoming entrenched in the community or chained to a bed with Emperor the bed is looking immensely more appealing. (off tangent–imitation of life is coming on, there is only one version i can watch and i prefer to see it in black and white but oh my it makes me sob if i watch it all the way through. i just get confused with Him sometimes and i am in desperate need of the nice bondage and discipline piece of my submission. ahh well, there are always daydreams.

i need to go find some food and do the things i should before i start getting ready for the last round of battle with the cleaning fairy. i’ll probably post again later but if i don’t ladies and gents have a wonderful Sunday.

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  1. hee hee – i think the cleaning fairy has already struck me – about 2am last night i woke up and coudn’t get back to sleep – so i did a load of washing and tidied the house. that damn fairy moves fast!

    ps: i agree – the bed is looking more and more appealling!

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