reading is FUNdamental

i need to quit reading today. after a long day of working on the apartment and now washing clothes, i have been perusing blogland and dc to catch up on the latest in people’s lives and their fantasies. here’s the problem. some of this just makes me ridiculously horny and then i want to be with Emperor. i have to admit that some of what i’ve done this weekend is to distract me from not having Him easily accessible. reading just made me remember that first night and the rush of excitement i felt knowing that someone finally understood me. the total trust that i had in Him when i really had no reason to. He could have been a serial killer for all i knew lol. the ease with which i became His pet and gave myself over to Him. the memory of that night and the time we have had together since then was all triggered by reading this evening.

i still feel that tug when i think of Him 99 percent of the time. my invisible collar on a leash in His hands. i’d prefer the real thing but the hey a girl has to use her overly active brain for something every now and then. i’ve been trying to do the little He has asked of me. i’ll admit it’s difficult because it flies in the face of who i am inherently. i’ve been trying not to react to things He has said elsewhere because it wasn’t to me and that has caused a ruckus in the past. i am just missing that physical reminder that i am His and tonight reading has not helped. ok enough pouting, need to finish drying some clothes and cuddle up with princess. nite everybody.

6 thoughts on “reading is FUNdamental”

  1. ooops – hope that wasnt all my fault… lol.
    know how you feel babe. i miss himself so much – which is WHY i write these stories.

  2. ROFL no it’s not your fault. at least not your fault alone. i read about 10 or 15 stories today knowing i shouldn’t have because i would just end up missing Him lol but you have given me an idea. i’ll just start adding to the fantasy collection.

  3. He did and even if He hadn’t i probably would have just done so by default, most of the time it’s not a huge issue. i appreciate the space in a sense but when i want to see Him and know that takes a wee bit of planning i can get frustrated.

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