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okay so here is my first fetish friday post and i will add just a general life moment in a second. fetish friday is a bloggy thing, i cannot exactly explain it but hey just keep reading.

dacryhilia is the arousal of one partner from seeing tears in the eyes of their partner. sounds pretty straightforward right?

what that very basic definition overlooks, at least to me, is how the tears got into the eyes of said partner lol. in nothing i’ve read have the tears been tears of joy or even those tears folks cry because they are upset. the tears HAVE to be exacted from a very intense personal and physical exhchange often involving at least some level of pain (and i would assume submission). i don’t think it’s a standard thing among those in the lifestyle, i mean every Dom isn’t into serious pain and i know a legion of subs are definitely not into pain. however, Emperor is one of those Doms that is into pain and i am one of those subs that relishes being pushed over the edge and some of the pain is just luscious. He told me that He enjoyed making women cry and it sounded odd at the time but getting more involved in BDSM and being with Him has made what that means crystal clear. He kept pushing and pushing and eventually taunting me because He knew He could make me cry. He was right, i cried and sobbed and got all icky as we sometimes do when we cry and He loved every moment of it. so much so that i was able to physically see His reaction to my flood of tears and then His release from the buildup. it was very interesting and i am waiting to see how much this effects the next session. anyhoo there ya go–dacryphilia.

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  1. Thank you Red for putting a name to Himself’s favourite fetish. Like Emporer he loves to make me cry, except his favourite tears are the ones that well up when i gag on him…
    Once again you are a step ahead of me..

  2. *hugs* but i am not ahead of you lol i just got the message to get to typing sooner than you and you were being all organized lol, i just went for the one i had the most personal experience with. so we are just helping each other out. i can’t well up when i gag on Him, i’m lost in subspace during oral so my endorphins are racing

  3. Hummm… may I suggest that you keep some onions under your pillow?? LOLOLOL… I know I’m silly… but that’s what I would have to do being in your situation… I don’t cry easily… and often, even if I would like or have to cry, I just can’t let it go…

  4. the crying was a lot easier than i anticipated. the session was intense for me (even though He said later that He was taking it easy on me) so when the taunts started i just let it go. it was a wonderful feeling, strange but wonderful lol.

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