ahh what to say, what to say?

i am really happy today. no particular reason. well i’m no longer on crisis duty and that is a relief but not the cause of my happiness. i could say it’s cause i care about Him deeply (and i do) but that’s not it either. my clients are intriguing even when they are stressing me out. my mother is moving in and i’m not overly concerned about that at the moment. my chicken breasts are marinating and dinner will be lovely and late again. i’m not sure why but i’m content right now. it would be nice to curl up in bed and feed Him but not terribly depressed about not being able doing that. i guess it’s nice to know that other people understand the random mood swings i experience because i want to be with Him and can’t. it’s also nice to know that folks are rooting for us in a sense lol. i’m just reconnecting to all of my life in a weird way instead of living in the foggy haze that is subspace. don’t get me wrong, it’s great if you can get it but the highs and lows and longing and wanting are a bit much from time to time. i am His by all means but i am once again enjoying those things that made Him intrigued with me in the first place. when/if i relocate the foggy phase may return but since He’ll be within a few moments drive i won’t be hitting all those lows unless it’s due to rapid reentry into my real life in the mornings. ahh red is happy boys and girls–let’s set the timer to see how long it lasts roflmao.

You’ve been somewhat bad this year, and you crave a
moderate spanking regularly to keep you happy
and polite.

When you check your stocking on Christmas morning
you will find a wooden paddle

What is Santa bringing you this year?
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eta: oh by the way—still happy

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