whips and floggers and paddles oh my lol

okay i’m having a silly moment. i’m probably not nearly as silly as some other folks i know but hey i’m having a moment. i found the cutest bear at the build a bear workshop that would be perfect for a friend but with some careful embroidery choices would also be perfect for Emperor. hold on let me find the link. the first one is the one that would be great for a friend and equally cool for Emperor. the second one is just as cute but i’m really loving the whole doctor outfit more. both are completely girly gifts on one hand BUT men kill flowers and plants. i’m not sending any scantily clad nurses over and as His exercise routine has been thrown off by the accident the second bear in the cast is just as adorable lol.

i’m strangely calm today. work was okay and lunch was good. nothing major happened in any way and save a few brief moments i didn’t talk to Emperor last night. this feels right. no matter what else comes to pass or how moody and tempermental i get i can see why and how this all fits together. i gotta buy a bear soon so let me know which one you all think is cuter please.

love ya

5 thoughts on “whips and floggers and paddles oh my lol”

  1. Oh I vote for the doctor bear. The other one’s too girly I think for Emperor. Where are you finding all these bears anyhow?

  2. I’m going to vote for doctor bear… only because I spent half of my life in medical school šŸ™‚

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